Day Two and Dora’s Introduction

Day Two:

1:00 am – Set my alarm and checked on the little guys. Sometimes they get around the back side of Dora as she lays and there’s NO FOOD on that side. Sometimes one or two are peacefully sleeping and unaware that everybody else in at the milk bar.  So I Feng Shui the puppies around.

5:00 am – I checked them again; all’s well.

6:45 am – Up for the day! Fresh change of papers, feeding and exercise of everybody and now we are ready to help our customers up front with an Airedale, a Cairn Terrier, and a Springer Spaniel to groom,  two Labs to wash. We are also expecting 11 dogs to come in for Thanksgiving weekend and a cat.

While I am working, here a little bit about our momma dog, Dora:

Dora v. Buckower Polsterhof, OFA Excellent, AKC and KFT Registered

Dora arrived in the US in the early fall of 2007. Paul and I drove up to Detroit on the happy day we could meet the airplane in from Germany to pick her up. I know the owner, Hiltrud Brandt, of Dora’s father,  VDH/KFT/L CH, CH Jgd KFT Othello von der Laubenhaid, KFT 01/33657   HDF-A1, BH/VT, AD, FH I, VPG III, IPO III.

While traveling in Germany for other doggie reasons, I had met and watched some of his ancestors in the training clubs and been most impressed with their work and their breeder, Hiltrud. When Hiltrud let me know of the chance to acquire Dora, I moved quickly! I continue to be pleased and to appreciate the quality that her lineage brings to our Airedales here.

Here is a link for Dora’s father and the newborn puppies’ grandfather:


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