Day 8 – Keeping Warm and Toasty

Train coming through! When puppies are doing well, there isn’t much to do. They sleep and grow, coming through like a train and you better get off the tracks! Right now they live in a little world of their own, where it is warm and dark and pretty quiet. Remember–the eyes and ears are still sealed shut.

Occasionally Dora leaves them to go eat her puppy food which she needs for the extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. Or she needs to go outside for a quick break and more water. Then she is attentively back, always lying with them to be sure they are getting all they need. Dora is a wonderful momma dog.

Years and years ago I had a dog that wasn’t like this. She would produce some colostrum for the first day or so and then her milk would dry up and vanish. The first litter I didn’t understand why they nursed all the time but still kept losing weight. Finally, before they became too starved, I figured out what was going on and had to supplement with puppy milk replacer until they were two weeks old and could start lapping at the dish. If I hadn’t the entire litter would have died.

Did you know the lapping reflex is NOT developed until about the 12 th day of age. Because of these experiences, I know this! Yep, every 4 hours, day and night, for about 12-14 days I did the feedings while she cuddled with them but didn’t have any milk. They turned out to be fine nice Airedales.

Stupid me, I had to go and breed one more litter from her and then found out that it was the same deal the next time too!  Lesson learned.


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