Day 34 – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings to you and yours! Today the puppies received a gift that they really wanted and can use–a big play area!

Five Weeks Old and Playing on Christmas Day!

These are the first photos of it, right after set up. Soon we will trade out different cardboard boxes to use as play caves and castles, toys, and all sorts of things to keep “toddler” age babies occupied and learning.

Tonight they are FIVE weeks old. Let the play time commence!

Day 31 – Cuddling and Napping

Here are the entire crew now, after eating a big dish of food.  Dora still cuddles with them even though her milk is greatly reduced. She is only eating four cups of food a day now. The puppies are now eating about 4 cups of food per day also and that amount will continue to increase!

Cuddles and Naps

Mom and Baby

I’d like to capture them at play but my camera just produces blurs….I’ll look into some sort of stop action settings!

Day 29 – FOUR weeks old already!

First, let me say that Christmas here is more than I can handle once again, this year! Our boarding and grooming is through the roof and I am working 12 hour days even with the help I have. Even though I told my clients that they should book Christmas grooming in advance, they still call last minute and I’m still a big softie about taking on too many!

Add to that, we are getting the bedroom repainted while some electrical work is finishing in the boarding area. Then….the puppies need ever greater numbers and quantity of papers changed! One donated grocery paper bag of newspapers takes over 1/2 hour to sort, open sheets of paper, and stack/store ready for use.

Baby Face!

These little guys are growing by leaps and bounds. Their lives still revolve around eating, but now it is the BIG puppy pan you see in the photo. Dora still nurses every four hours or so with them, but she is able to eat just 2-3 cups of puppy food twice a day and still keep up with them. Also if they are getting hungry and she is not yet ready to step in, I find that one or two can scale the 10 inch wall and climb out to her!

BIG puppy feeding pan at 4 weeks old



They now only depend on her for approximately 25% of their nutrition and that will be continuing to decrease as they naturally wean themselves.

They are beginning to play with each other and look too cute to be real. The little puppy teeth are about to emerge and then we will have even more fun!

Chow Time---Again!

Day 23 – Happily Eating and a Rescue Story

Each day the puppies add more action to the already high cute-levels. While they are making little pigs of themselves in the food dish, take a look below:

SOAR Rescue Boy

  • Rescue dogs always need a helping hand. We are long term supporters of SOAR – Starting Over Airedale Rescue in addition to other rescue groups. We offer fast lodging any time for our rescue organizations at Easdale: the best pet care. Tuesday, SOAR volunteers brought our new boy to us; he was found running free in the Chagrin Falls area. They call him Elf but he just shouts RUDI to me…..70 pounds of young healthy muscle, friendly Airedale with easily maintained hard colorful coat.

    *Please do check out the SOAR website, consider them for a holiday donation, and if you are interested in this new guy, let us know!

Day 22 – Chowing Down!

Hungry? Soaked puppy food and Esbilac canine milk replacer as a sauce tastes SO good when you are just a little fella. Dora will be in shortly to perform face washings and to lick the dish up clean-her favorite part!

Chowing Down

Day 21 – Field Trip Anyone?

Field Trip! On Thursday, December 15, Amanda and I will be heading up to the I-X Center of Cleveland to the Crown Classic Dog Shows! Last year saw an entry of almost 1800 dogs entered for a total of 2200 classes in rally, obedience, agility, and all breed conformation. All these canines will be putting the “best paw” forward! If anyone would like an insider’s view (over 30 years’ experience of what’s happening)
***you are invited.***
We will be leaving at 8 am, arriving at the show about 9 ish and planning to stop to eat on the way back at Olive Garden or someplace like it. Meanwhile, Amber will be keeping Easdale orderly and the puppies well cared for–don’t worry! Here’s all the info…

10:45 am, Ring 6, there are 15 Airedales entered to show!

Day 20 – Three Weeks Completed

Greetings and here we are at the third week; tonight at about 2 in the morning, they will have all of three weeks growth and development.

Today was a big day for the little guys. After the usual paper change, all had sharp tiny nails trimmed and new collars AGAIN because of all the growth in size. We do a preventative worming at this age to be sure that no parasite can get a start in their tender digestive tracts. They are ambulating around in the box and still vocal, especially if they can tell Dora is near and they are feeling hungry!

Dora is now eating 4 cups twice a day, 8 cups total and I have to let her out in the middle of the night because she can’t hold until morning with so much food and water being processed into milk. She is very good and barks to wake me so that we don’t have an “accident.”

Three Full Weeks



Day 19 – Bigger and Bigger!

Dora is now eating 8 cups of food a day which is just about the limit for good digestion and a comfortable stomach. Tomorrow I will post the big three weeks old photo……..!

Right now I have to actually go take care of them.

Day 18 – Walking and Talking!

Dora is eating hugely now at 6+ cups of puppy food a day and drinking volumes of water to keep all these puppies happy and growing. She is at the peak of her milk production. Let’s do the math….Dora weighs about 50 pounds. Eight puppies weigh almost 3 pounds each, so that’s almost 24 pounds of rapidly growing puppies she must support with milk made from what she is eating plus her own needs. Yep, we will be starting the kids on “puppy soup” in just a day or two. Just a taste at first….

Walking a bit like drunken sailors, frequently falling over, bumping into each other and making awkward, uncoordinated, yet adorable, attempts to play. They make little bark and growls sounding like there is a tank of helium in there with them. I was too late tonight to get the action on camera, so now they are tired out! They like to pile up. But wait…..there’s somebody who hasn’t settled in with the rest…..

Stacked Up Three High

Aren't You Up Past Your Bedtime?

Day 17 – So Much More Noisy!

Yes, they are now “talking!” Sometimes they sound like little chicken in the coop–almost a clucking, warbling bird like sound. Then and again they want Dora sooner than she wants to come in and they make a high pitched piping. So cute!

All together now…..sleep!










Here’s a better look at the eyes too!




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