Day 13 – How To Select A Puppy

All puppies are cute and tend to cause us to make a decision from the heart, before we have thought about all the consequences. So ask yourself what you hope to have in the future before you choose a puppy today.

– Do you plan to go to training classes and seek out good knowledgeable people to help in raising your puppy?

-Will you have an active lifestyle for the more energetic puppy?
Do you realize that even the puppies that are comparatively not as energetic as their littermates are still a handful for the first year and longer?

-Do you understand that the basic personality and character are developing for the first 7 weeks and selecting too soon can result in a mis-match?

-Shortly after the 49 th day of age, a Puppy Aptitude Test with results available will be ready. Your breeder will make a knowledgeable effort to match a puppy (or a small group of candidates) to your lifestyle and expectations. Can you describe them clearly?

-Are you reading a puppy book or two? There’s lots of information out there that can smooth the rearing of your new Airedale!

-The puppies have a kit that includes food, care instructions, information on supplies, grooming, training, and important organizations and AKC application to registration, pedigree, and a receipt/bill of sale. Still, if you don’t read the information, neither you nor the puppy can benefit from it.

-The more knowledgeable and involved you are, the better your puppy will be!


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