Day 18 – Walking and Talking!

Dora is eating hugely now at 6+ cups of puppy food a day and drinking volumes of water to keep all these puppies happy and growing. She is at the peak of her milk production. Let’s do the math….Dora weighs about 50 pounds. Eight puppies weigh almost 3 pounds each, so that’s almost 24 pounds of rapidly growing puppies she must support with milk made from what she is eating plus her own needs. Yep, we will be starting the kids on “puppy soup” in just a day or two. Just a taste at first….

Walking a bit like drunken sailors, frequently falling over, bumping into each other and making awkward, uncoordinated, yet adorable, attempts to play. They make little bark and growls sounding like there is a tank of helium in there with them. I was too late tonight to get the action on camera, so now they are tired out! They like to pile up. But wait…..there’s somebody who hasn’t settled in with the rest…..

Stacked Up Three High

Aren't You Up Past Your Bedtime?


One thought on “Day 18 – Walking and Talking!

  1. Love the pictures! You have the fun of all the baby days and then you get to send them to their new homes before they start creating havoc as a pack. I remember the enjoyment of watching new litters. Its a bit like being a grandparent! Lots of play time then the kids go home.

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