Day 20 – Three Weeks Completed

Greetings and here we are at the third week; tonight at about 2 in the morning, they will have all of three weeks growth and development.

Today was a big day for the little guys. After the usual paper change, all had sharp tiny nails trimmed and new collars AGAIN because of all the growth in size. We do a preventative worming at this age to be sure that no parasite can get a start in their tender digestive tracts. They are ambulating around in the box and still vocal, especially if they can tell Dora is near and they are feeling hungry!

Dora is now eating 4 cups twice a day, 8 cups total and I have to let her out in the middle of the night because she can’t hold until morning with so much food and water being processed into milk. She is very good and barks to wake me so that we don’t have an “accident.”

Three Full Weeks




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