Day 23 – Happily Eating and a Rescue Story

Each day the puppies add more action to the already high cute-levels. While they are making little pigs of themselves in the food dish, take a look below:

SOAR Rescue Boy

  • Rescue dogs always need a helping hand. We are long term supporters of SOAR – Starting Over Airedale Rescue in addition to other rescue groups. We offer fast lodging any time for our rescue organizations at Easdale: the best pet care. Tuesday, SOAR volunteers brought our new boy to us; he was found running free in the Chagrin Falls area. They call him Elf but he just shouts RUDI to me…..70 pounds of young healthy muscle, friendly Airedale with easily maintained hard colorful coat.

    *Please do check out the SOAR website, consider them for a holiday donation, and if you are interested in this new guy, let us know!


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