Day 29 – FOUR weeks old already!

First, let me say that Christmas here is more than I can handle once again, this year! Our boarding and grooming is through the roof and I am working 12 hour days even with the help I have. Even though I told my clients that they should book Christmas grooming in advance, they still call last minute and I’m still a big softie about taking on too many!

Add to that, we are getting the bedroom repainted while some electrical work is finishing in the boarding area. Then….the puppies need ever greater numbers and quantity of papers changed! One donated grocery paper bag of newspapers takes over 1/2 hour to sort, open sheets of paper, and stack/store ready for use.

Baby Face!

These little guys are growing by leaps and bounds. Their lives still revolve around eating, but now it is the BIG puppy pan you see in the photo. Dora still nurses every four hours or so with them, but she is able to eat just 2-3 cups of puppy food twice a day and still keep up with them. Also if they are getting hungry and she is not yet ready to step in, I find that one or two can scale the 10 inch wall and climb out to her!

BIG puppy feeding pan at 4 weeks old



They now only depend on her for approximately 25% of their nutrition and that will be continuing to decrease as they naturally wean themselves.

They are beginning to play with each other and look too cute to be real. The little puppy teeth are about to emerge and then we will have even more fun!

Chow Time---Again!


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