Day 16 – We’re Legit!

AKC Litter Registration has been completed online and we are now legit! Each puppy will have an Application to Register because they are in a litter that is registered. Each owner will then need to complete the process with individual registration, including naming.

Check out the AKC website where you can find training clubs, expert advice, and many resources about dog care:


Day 15 – Eyes Opening!

Here we are; it’s hard to see in a photo. This little one has pillowed his head on a littermate. Mostly they are still sleeping but now I see them sitting up on the front legs once in a while and….is that “looking” to see where the light comes from?

The eyes begin to unseal at the corner next to the nose and are only about 1/3 to 1/2 the way open across the eyelid right now. Their eyes are underdeveloped right now and I doubt that they can focus very well. I keep the lights dim, not too bright. Their brains have never had this imput before either, so they are learning how to process the new information–light, shadow, movement, darkness. It’s all new!

Eyes Beginning to Unseal...Open....Blurry Light?


Day 14 – The Second Week is Successfully Completed

Sunday – a beautiful warmer day so I ended up doing a heap of yard work and prep for winter. The puppies eyes are beginning to open but it is so hard to capture on camera. Let’s start the week with the comparison photo from the day they were born, to one week old, to today at two full weeks.

Dora is starting to let them sleep without her as they lay higgily-piggily with each other. She keeps watch from just a short distance away and is scheduling their feedings instead of doing the continuous nursing that is normal with newborns the first few days. She is a wonderful mother dog.

Getting HUGE!



Day 13 – How To Select A Puppy

All puppies are cute and tend to cause us to make a decision from the heart, before we have thought about all the consequences. So ask yourself what you hope to have in the future before you choose a puppy today.

– Do you plan to go to training classes and seek out good knowledgeable people to help in raising your puppy?

-Will you have an active lifestyle for the more energetic puppy?
Do you realize that even the puppies that are comparatively not as energetic as their littermates are still a handful for the first year and longer?

-Do you understand that the basic personality and character are developing for the first 7 weeks and selecting too soon can result in a mis-match?

-Shortly after the 49 th day of age, a Puppy Aptitude Test with results available will be ready. Your breeder will make a knowledgeable effort to match a puppy (or a small group of candidates) to your lifestyle and expectations. Can you describe them clearly?

-Are you reading a puppy book or two? There’s lots of information out there that can smooth the rearing of your new Airedale!

-The puppies have a kit that includes food, care instructions, information on supplies, grooming, training, and important organizations and AKC application to registration, pedigree, and a receipt/bill of sale. Still, if you don’t read the information, neither you nor the puppy can benefit from it.

-The more knowledgeable and involved you are, the better your puppy will be!

Day 12 – New Ribbons and Still Sleeping

Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Yellow, Kelly Green, Orange, Purple, and Pink–they had new ribbons on Day 5 and now are in new ribbons again! The old ones were getting too snug due to the growth they are experiencing. I forgot to mention that they had their tails and dewclaws properly attended to on Day 5 and hardly noticed it.

I put them in a box so that I can tell who has a new ribbon and who is yet to get one. Now everybody is in the box and it is getting crowded! As soon as I took today’s photo, I let them spread out in their big box again.

Sometime in the next few days, we will see the first signs of bright eyes peeking out as the eyelids begin to unseal. I will let you know as soon as I see it.

Still in Sleep/Eat/Growth mode and so blissfully relaxed!

Day 11 – Getting Ready for a Puppy

Puppies grow slowly, and yet, they will be big and rambunctious before you know it. In just about no time, they will be dragging out items you forgot you had, shredding toilet paper off the roll, and dumping out the kitchen trash to see what smells so good!

Yes, we start each puppy out with the socialization that is appropriate to their age BUT it is an ongoing process through the first 9 months. Training is also a gradually increasing part of taking a puppy into earning its place as the best dog you ever had. Each puppy aspires to that title! They can’t get there though without your guidance and care.

It is often said that we get the dog we deserve. When training, knowledge gained by reading, time and love are spent on a puppy, you get a gem. When the puppy raises itself on the crumbs of time in your busy life that you throw away, then don’t be surprised by the unruly behavior that results!

So, homework at this stage is a good idea. I recommend “My Smart Puppy” with a DVD included in the book. It’s inexpensive and very very good!

My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training (Book & 60min DVD)


My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training (Book & 60min DVD) [Hardcover]

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