Day 43 – Playful, Bouncing, and BIG!

I apologize for taking so long to post. We have been coping with the holiday rush here at my work. Now the biggest part of that is over.

WOW–Six weeks old!

Play time has never been more fun that it is now. These eight little ones really keep me busy with no help from Dora. Now I’m the one that has to do all the feeding, then clean up after them and after that, they are bored and looking for some excitement so I have to come up with the entertainment.

Will I be your puppy?

Well, here are some of the fun items we have been destroying….I mean playing with… Apples, celery, large socks, a corn broom, a scrub brush, various squeakies and cardboard boxes.

They are going through newspaper at a terrific rate, of course.

Every day I let them out to play and they get behind the clothes dryer and come out looking like dust bunnies! They will carry around anything that’s not fastened down and shred anything they can get their teeth into. They heard the sweeper at a distance of 10 feet today too.

Now to business–everyone is very interested in the plans for picking up puppies. I will be doing the PAT evaluations right about Jan 16. I can begin to make appointments for them that week. I plan to call everyone Wednesday or Thursday to set that up.

Sit, Boo-Boo, Sit! The rare moment when they hold still and look like they wouldn't even THINK of getting in trouble!

We have puppy portfolios with all the records in them, a six pound bag of food, some Nu-Vet tabs, lots of information, resources, and pictures of mom and dad.

Everyone asks does Dora miss her puppies? Well, these guys now have needle sharp little teeth and she actually has to discipline them if they get too rough.

This is an important part of their development as they socialize with each other and with Dora and some of my other adult Airedales. They will be better adjusted as adults because they have these excellent formative experiences.



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