Announcing…..Expected Puppies’ Arrival Date–June 25!

Puppies are due June 25, 2012 from our best conformation/performance parents!

Slammer through the Figure 8

The sire is  Seneca Whodunit’s Case Closed CD, TD, OFA Good. “Slammer” as known by his friends, is descended from a long line of very impressive over-achievers on both sides of his pedigree.

He is currently focused (very intently!) on his tracking, aiming at his Variable Surface Tracking Title after earning his TD at 9 months old. Slammer is also active in Open obedience training for his CDX and is thinking about when he can ever find time to finish his conformation championship….He was born June, 2009.

U-CDX CH Whodunit’s Murder Mystery UDX, NA “Butler” flies over the bar in Utility.


The expected puppies’ paternal grandsire: U-CDX CH Whodunit’s Murder Mystery UDX, NA, #1 US Obedience Airedale 4 years and was the first Champion to earn a UDX and first Airedale to go High Combined at the Natl Specialty. He is the sire of multi-titled tracking, agility, obedience, and conformation  dogs. “Butler,” lived a wonderful life to the age of 15! Littermate brother to: Cyclone’s True Friend UD, TDX and U-UD Whodunit’s Charlie Chan UD, #1 US Obedience Airedale two years and #1 Canadian Obedience Airedale 1998.


The expected puppies’ paternal granddam: German Import Dora v. Buckower Polsterhof, OFA Excellent, herself sired by on of the top working dogs of the world: VDH/KFT/L CH/CH Jgd KFT Othello von der Laubenhaid KFT 01/33657   HDF-A1 BH/VT, AD, FH II, VPG III, IPO III. Here are some photos of Othello:

Everything on this page is about the “daddy.” Coming next: a profile of the expectant mother…..

German Import Dora v. Buckower Polsterhof, OFA Excellent

VDH/KFT/L CH/CH Jgd KFT Othello von der Laubenhaid KFT 01/33657 HDF-A1 BH/VT, AD, FH II, VPG III, IPO III

VDH/KFT/L CH/CH Jgd KFT Othello von der Laubenhaid KFT 01/33657 HDF-A1 BH/VT, AD, FH II, VPG III, IPO III


2 thoughts on “Announcing…..Expected Puppies’ Arrival Date–June 25!

    • Greetings! That is an impossible question because we can’t schedule puppies. We can only report when biology creates an opportunity to anticipate the arrival of planned puppies and then we wait, and wait, and wait, hoping that they really do arrive. All the milestone events, such as due dates and births are reported right here. If you subscribe to the blog, all new postings will be sent to you. I wish there were a better way to schedule too.

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