Announcing…..Expected Puppies’ Arrival Date–June 25! Part II

Our expectant mom is CH Seneca Texas Sternchen, OFA Excellent.

 “Star” is a lively, busy, all-terrier girl blessed with wonderful shoulders and smooth “daisy-clipping” movement that you don’t see too often these days. What that means is that she is built to spend her energy efficiently and she has an abundant supply–so that means I’ve never seen her quit!

This is a repeat breeding of a litter we had a year ago and we plan to feature several of the older siblings to the upcoming litter.

One comment I have to make: Linda Coates drove up 6 hours to aptitude test the first litter. ( Thank you, Linda!) Linda has over 30 years of training experience and, specifically, training experience with the past four generations in the pedigree. When we saw the responses of that first litter—well, I’ve been PAT evaluating puppies for 9 generations and I saw amazing bold reactions that I had NEVER seen before.

What’s an example? Well, three of the aptitude evaluations are to check the puppies’ reactions to unusual environmental stimulus–startle reactions of SIGHT, shyness to NOISE, and CHASE instinct. For NOISE, we loudly bang a metal pan. It’s a harsh, startling noise. Puppies are tested individually in a place new to them, by a person they do not know.

Puppies will typically startle a little as they first hear the clanging clatter. THEN…

1. they may run away cringing (not a good response for a working dog),

2. sit and just look at where it came from (stable – not not especially curious),

3. the boldest, most stable puppies will look in the direction of the noise and then approach the pan to check it out.

For thirty years, variations of the above three responses covered every single puppy I have seen tested. Here is the newest response that we all observed last year from some of the litter:

4. RUN toward the pan and the tester while the pan is STILL BEING BANGED. They couldn’t wait to see what all the noise and excitement was about and had NO observable startle/recovery period.

What does it mean? Well, we will be following the current progress of some of the puppies as we wait for the puppies in June.


2 thoughts on “Announcing…..Expected Puppies’ Arrival Date–June 25! Part II

    • Dear Linda, that is great to hear! We don’t know just how many or of what sexes we will see when the time comes, but as far as I know, we will have puppies available. Give me a call or email and we can talk. Star is getting wider and the lottery, or littery, on guessing the final results is open! Nancy

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