Zip Zilch Nada Zero….

Zip Zilch nada zero….that is the number of puppies we will be seeing this summer.
I am so bummed out. There was actually did a little scratching in the whelping box as though she were nesting but I have to say it–all false pregnancy. I’m making it official now and will work up what our winter puppies might be for those who are willing to wait.
Refunds all around for those who would like one. You can contact me or allow me to contact every person with a reservation over this upcoming weekend to ask your preference.
I am so bummed out after being psyched up for puppies and I am sure that you all are too! Biology….what can I say?

4 thoughts on “Zip Zilch Nada Zero….

  1. Very interested in the winter puppies, and like you told me on the phone, its all about biology. I understand that there are people on a waiting list, how do I go about getting on it, for what price? I read the horrible comment someone left about your beautiful dogs, but I wholeheartedly believe you to be the best. Thanks, J from AZ

    • Dear Jivan,

      As you might have read, our own plans here are for a breeding with DORA in October that will hopefully result in puppies for late winter, early spring. In December, FANCY could be a possibility. As usual, all news will go here on WordPress first!
      Thanks for your faith in us. The horrible comments to which you refer were really out of line and they live in TX–had never even been here! I was gratified and thankful for the defense of my longtime friends who replied to it.



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