Puppy Referrals


I have some referral ideas if anyone would like to contact me.  Meanwhile, Fancy continues to show for her American Championship with Allison Sundermann while Tempe is getting ready.  Let me know how you all are doing this fine summer! ~ Nancy


3 thoughts on “Puppy Referrals

  1. Good to hear from you. Our Cleo is doing great. She finished her first level obedience class. She is tall, at 8 months she is now 25 inches at the shoulder. She looks fantastic! I think the conformation folks would cringe, we had her coat cut short for summer, the temps havent been below 90 (often over 100) from May til now. She swims but prefers to go in from the shore and not jump off the pier., She has a very strong prey drive (pity the cats). She will work off-leash but we are afraid she’ll chase deer so she is free only when working with other dogs. She is brave, determined, sure that she should be “in charge” , and she likes to cuddle now and then (so different from our previous males). Please keep in touch. Sharon

    • Greetings!

      Right at the moment, I am all out of referrals. Someone I know expected a litter but, big surprise, no puppies resulted. Our own plans here are for a breeding with DORA in October that will hopefully result in puppies for late winter, early spring. In December, FANCY could be a possibility. As usual, all news will go here on WordPress first!


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