In memory of MACH Seneca Sedona Gala Affair

MACH Seneca Sedona Gala Affair, sired by CH SENECA SORRELL HILL BRAVADO CD, SAR & DD Detect Certified out of  SENECA KATIE DID IT

I’d like you all to see the spirit, character, and love that positively glowed from Gala. If you’re not familiar with the sport of agility, please know that the MACH (Master Agility Champion) title is earned by very few Airedales. Competing in Invitation tournaments is only possible for the top 10 in each breed, as you will see many of the video shots marked.

Lastly, at the very end, Gala was doing a practice at her advanced age with drastically simplified and lowered jumps so that she could feel young again, doing what she loved to do.

I thank Cheryl for sharing this with us.


Scout (Lt Blue) checks in at one year old

We have a Nov 2011 puppy too–Light Blue. Now SCOUT. She is a

Scout_Lt Blue

wonderful dog. She is full of play and also loves the water. She can do lots of tricks and is a wonderful walking companion. She plays dead if you pretend shoot.
She is the center of attention at our house…….:) We just love her.

Here are some pictures of our Scout–light blue. She is such a great pet. She keeps a smile on my face all day….:)

I love the blog. It’s nice finding out how her brothers and sisters are doing.
Thanks, Julie Melson

Wish I had room for two….:)

Update on RED born 11/21/2011

If you go all the way back in this blog to November, 2011 you can see the early days of our puppies including little Red. Here’s an update:Red at One Year Old

It has been one year today we got red ribbon white foot.  We have enjoyed him so much.  He keeps us hopping.  Just thought you would like to see a picture of how handsome he has become.  He is the love of our life.  Would like to see pictures of any of his siblings if you have some.  You are welcome to share his picture with the families that have his siblings.  Hope, but know they are as beautiful as our Darby. ~ Mike & Barb, Howell, MI

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