Update on RED born 11/21/2011

If you go all the way back in this blog to November, 2011 you can see the early days of our puppies including little Red. Here’s an update:Red at One Year Old

It has been one year today we got red ribbon white foot.  We have enjoyed him so much.  He keeps us hopping.  Just thought you would like to see a picture of how handsome he has become.  He is the love of our life.  Would like to see pictures of any of his siblings if you have some.  You are welcome to share his picture with the families that have his siblings.  Hope, but know they are as beautiful as our Darby. ~ Mike & Barb, Howell, MI


4 thoughts on “Update on RED born 11/21/2011

  1. Red is quite handsome! You are fortunate to have a Seneca ‘dale. We currently have River, age 7. We have had 3 Seneca Airedales and all were quite wonderful. Great with kids, funny, smart and loving. Got our first Airedale in 1965. We love the breed………nothing else compares!
    Have fun!!!!!!!

  2. We have one of the Nov 2011 puppies. “purple” I think. – Now Cleo. She’s beautiful. She weighs 63 pounds and is quite tall. She’s a great dog. She even won a prize at dog training class. Okay, I have to admit that she separates “working” from “real life”. At home, we still have to convince her that she is NOT in charge. She loves the water. She swims like a fish and will jump into anything bigger than a puddle. She gets a puppy clip from the groomer and we need it because she collects every burr in the woods. I will have to search for a good picture and send it later.

  3. We have a Nov 2011 puppy too…..Light Blue……Now SCOUT. She is a wonderful dog. She is full of play and also loves the water….She can do lots of tricks and is a wonderful walking companion. She plays dead if you pretend shoot her…….she is the center of attention at our house…….:) We just love her…..

    I would upload a pic but I’m not sure how to do that on here…..

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