Milo Checking In At One Year….

Milo the Airedale

We bought Milo from Nancy in January of 2012. He has always been a sweet and loving dog, but occasionally just wanted to be left alone. He is a great family dog who loves the children and knows what he can aMilond can’t do with them.

When Milo was nine months old he had an accident which required us to leave him at the pet hospital for three days. As a result, he has separation anxiety. This is a condition in which he experiences anxiety anytime we leave him alone, or in the crate. He associates the crate with the hospital cage, where he was in pain. Therefore, cage time has gotten to be difficult. We are currently working with a Canine Behaviorist who has been most helpful in the situation.

Aside from the separation anxiety, Milo is a dog like no other. He enjoys spending time with us, trying to steal the occasional loose sock, and of course taking a nice run even in the snow! I recommend Airedales to anyone who is willing to put effort into training, and glad to have an excitable four-legged family member.

Thanks, Nancy!


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