Now! After staying up two days with a…

…restless mother dog!

But let’s go back to a few days ago:


Fancy had grown out quite shaggy and needed her maternity trim. Here she is after the bath but before the trim:

And now we brush some more, and then the trimming. Masses of curls drop, revealing…..

…a less wooly Fancy who wears an expression that seems to mean that she’s looking forward to getting her figure back!


This photo was taken Wednesday morning, May 22, on her official due date.  Her temperature dropped two degrees, a sure sign of whelping within 24 hours. We officially went on


All day I watched and she was content, not restless at all. Later that night was a different story.

All night she scratched periodically, raking her nails across the plywood floor of the whelping box. Instinct causes this nesting behavior and I have observed that when a contraction begins, the mother will sometimes go into a frenzy of scratching and preparing the nest. This usually translates into my neatly laid newspaper lining the box being shredded and ripped into odd vertical shapes that are no use at all to anyone. AND….it means that a very loud ripping, clawing noise repeated at odd intervals throughout the night. Sleep isn’t really possible for either Paul or me in the room next to her, but we catnapped anyway.  After going like that all night long, naturally it isn’t until 6:40 am that the first makes an appearance!

Official stats:

6:40 am Male 16 oz (Huge!) no white marking whatsoever Normal/strong BLUE


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABLUE gives a whole new meaning to “Pound Puppy!”

It has been a long (30+ year) tradition of mine to use BLUE ribbon on the first born male. OK, not original….

And here is the glamour pose for mother and her first born son. Yes, this is the first time Fancy has ever had puppies. She is extremely bright eyed and happy about it!

More on our next post as the puppies are born….stay tuned!


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