Puppies Due Feb 6!

Exciting news–for real!  We have a breeding at the clinic and a confirmed pregnancy of 5+ according to the ultrasound. This is a repeat breeding of last year’s litter; they have been pleasing their owners and turning some heads.


Here’s a quote about one of the brothers (Blue Ribbon-newborn pic at right with Fancy): “Still a winner in every way!…a few pics, I know he’s in an awkward stage but…His angles are holding up. He looks a touch long in the pic, but I think he’ll be very square.
Very thrifty and healthy.
Very smart and bold.
Very friendly and easy going.
Really outstanding head, 3 reallys(!)”

I have attached photos of the parents and you can search the dad’s name because he has been running number 1, 3 or 4 in national ranking for Airedales in agility and rally–not bad for a 9 year old dog.

RazzleThe Father: His name is CH Seneca Minnesota Razzle CDX RE AXP AJP (below) shown with his owner/handler. Razzle was also a specialty winner on the way to his Championship! He is a true all-rounder, with all wins and training (except for that last major) from his first time novice handler!

Razzle is OFA Good and both his parents are OFA Excellent. His sire is CH Seneca Whodunits Motive, a really beautiful dog, mind, body, and heart. He is a littermate brother to Ronnie, who recently passed–in loving memory.

The Mother: Fancy is here at  https://smartairedales.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/heeeeeres-fancy/

She IS a champion now and she OFA certified as Excellent, the highest rating.

Fancy’s dad is here: https://smartairedales.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/day-3-and-nickys-introduction/

I’m all excited about the puppies–the due date will be about February 6.  Any interested parties should contact me and plan to have some free time in early April to enjoy their new puppy!


One thought on “Puppies Due Feb 6!

  1. Thanks for the news.! Nicki is our Cleo’s sire and she is a great dog. Beautiful.. and very smart. Lots of stamina, prey drive, and eager to learn new things. There are days when I think it was a shame that we neutered her, but probably for the best in the long run. Great temperament all around

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