Ms. Zeppelin aka Fancy

I have SO much to catch up. Yesterday morning, Fancy was having trouble negotiating the corners of doorways as she could not seem allow enough room for her ginormous belly, have to back up and swing wider around the turns. I shouldn’t laugh, really I shouldn’t but <giggle, snicker> it was hard not to. scherl-airship-graf-zeppelin-1929

In honor of her maneuverability problems, she has earned the moniker, Ms Zeppelin. Light on her feet yet ponderous in her passage from one room to the next, it seemed appropriate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  As the day continued,  I knew that this would  be the BIG day of the  puppies’ arrival. We  hung out for the whole  day together.  Frequently, she would  lie on her back  exposing acres of  tummy. By late  afternoon, events finally began to occur!

You’ll have to wait, as I mentioned, I have a LOT to catch up on! More info posting soon….


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