Puppies Arrive!

By 4 p.m. I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait until dark. Preparations had been made and now I went through everything again: Hand towels laid out, scale with fresh batteries, ribbons, paper and pen for recording, assorted supplies. I didn’t have much time between puppies as they were arriving, and being weighed, examined, and recorded for the next two hours.

4:45 Pink (f) weighed in at 9.75 oz

4:50 Blue (m) weighed in at 12.25 oz

5:45 Yellow (f) weighed in at 9.25 oz

5:55 Orange (m) weighed in at 12.00 oz

6:00 Green (m) weighed in at 9.00 oz

7:25 Red (f) weighed in at 12.00 oz

Whew! Fancy and I both took a short break here. She needed to go outside, briefly in the very cold weather. I was vigilant on the chance that she could abruptly go in to labor in the snow and produce a puppy in immediate danger of freezing to death. Yes, this could happen! We returned safely indoors. I was able to take care of the OTHER pets in my care, getting all fed quickly and well exercised. Then….

7:45 Gold (f) weighed in at 10.50 oz

Another break while I realized I was getting tired. She had not eaten all Tuesday which is normal as their body prepares for the effort of parturition. That previous night, Fancy had been restless, scratching up her bedding and generally unsettled. I was up frequently checking on her Tuesday night. I sleep within 10 steps of the nursery, so I hear everything. Due to my long years of experience, I knew that it wasn’t *quite* time yet that night. Still, I didn’t sleep soundly, nor for any great length of time when I did doze off, so it was catching up to me by Wednesday night. I was yawning but then….

9:40 Purple (f) weighed in at 12.50 oz

Knowing that she was not yet done, I waited…..and waited…..<yawn>and waited….now it’s Thursday…. 

1:15 am Sky Blue (f) weighed in at 10.50 oz

Yeah! Nine is great. I went to bed and, of course, frequently arose to re-position nursing puppies and check on them. Yes, I admit to being a micro-manager. I remember checking at 2:30 and 4 and then, with my husband Paul getting up for work, at 6. I wanted to get in just another 30 minutes…..


6: 30 Silver (m) weighed in at 12.25 oz and appeared magically as though to say “Ta-da”!

OK, I guess it’s 10! If you’ve been keeping score, we are micro-managing 4 boys – 6 girls.

That day, I logged a lot of miles as I work from home at the front and frequently ran to the back to check on Fancy and her babies. We are doing very well. But I’m so-o-o-o-o-o tired. Gotta go now–I hear them squeaking.


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