Now for the quiet work….

Eat, sleep, and grow! These next days will be quiet ones as the puppies and Fancy have settled into a quiet routine of eating, sleeping and growing. As far as plot development goes, it’s boring stuff.

Seneca Airedales


Today, Fancy had her first bath since the whelping. While she was drying, the puppies passed the tails and dewclaws phase with exceptional care and ease. As all puppies, they are still blind and deaf with eyes and ears sealed shut. As they sleep, they constantly twitch and move while their nervous system develops along with bigger bodies. They have been gaining about 2 ounces every 24 hours; that’s a 15-20% weight gain daily! In just 5 days they will have doubled in size.

To while away our quiet days, I will endeavor to put together a photographic pedigree over the next few days if I can get this platform to do it. Also, just to keep you up to date, here is a pic of the 10 just about filling the box to the edges….almost!


One thought on “Now for the quiet work….

  1. How exciting to see the little ones grow and develop. Your descriptions are so interesting and I enjoy learning so much from you. Look forward to follow the development of your wonderful litter……Thanks for sharing.

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