Describing the Hobbit Habits of Fancy….

Fancy is putting up with a lot of inconvenience!  Some people might wonder why I already talk about getting the puppies onto some form of food other that poor Fancy nursing her (now) huge and rapidly growing puppies.


I offer this evidence of her patience and her Hobbit Habits:

The heat lamp went off on the 16th day of age as they are now big enough to be warm on their own. Fancy the Hobbit is eating for 10 now, as well as her own nutritional needs. That means she is drinking about 2 gallons of water per day and eating 12 cups of highly nutritious very expensive dog food in four meals per day.

Fancy has adopted a Hobbit’s schedule where she goes outside, then comes in to find that I have set out her 8’ish breakfast, her elevenses, her four o’clock tea, or then her supper. There’s even the bedtime snack at 10 pm. After a meal and a good drink of water, Fancy attempts to lay down with the puppies but you can see her problem. They all pile up so fast, there’s no clear spot for her. After a little time, they are willing to move a bit and she then can cuddle with them.

Due to her Hobbit’s Habit of many meals, she is maintaining good weight and a glossy coat despite the nutritional strain. Today I set out a soaked meal of puppy food and weaning gravy but they weren’t too interested in it. That means that Fancy is keeping them full. Consider, 10 puppies x 2 pounds = 20 pounds of puppies to nurse and that number gets heavier every day–soon, they will be too big for her to support. Fancy only weighs about 45 pounds!  I will keep putting down the food until they finally give it a try.





One thought on “Describing the Hobbit Habits of Fancy….

  1. Wow! Fancy is a wonderful Mom. That has to be exhausting for her and you. I am learning so much from you! Your wisdom is priceless. Hope you get some rest too. We will get a puppy in 9 weeks (The litter was born last Saturday) and it helps so much to hear from you what all happens to the little ones and her Mom.

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