Retirement for Nicky

We are now looking for a retirement home for Nicky

OK, what’s retirement? When a dog is finished with their “career” multiple dog owners like myself will sometimes look for a place where an adult can kick back and be an only dog or maybe one of two dogs. I confess that I am a *slight* Airedale hoarder! We are home here to several Airedales and I think they get lots more attention by locating someone that wants just them.

American and Canadian CH Ikarus Vom Garnsee, German Import, Owner Handled Group winner


How about some info on Nicky? Well, his stats are like this:

Born: June 12, 2008      Hips: OFA Certified

Registry: AKC      Sex: Male (to be neutered)

Health status: Excellent and up to date until May 2015, Weighs about 60-65 pounds

Reg. Name:  Ikarus von Garnsee (Call Name: NICKY) German Import

Sire: International CH No Doubt of Malton HD-F (hips certified), IPO III, Champion in 12 countries,

Dam: Klub U. KFT Jugend Sieger CH Espe Vom
Porta-berg HDF-A1

Personality: Very affectionate and outgoing.  Walks on lead without pulling and doesn’t jump up on people unless encouraged to do so. He loves to be a prancing show off when walked 😉

Enjoys good appetite (understatement-he has always wanted to be a fat dog but I keep him to a MEASURED amount of food) and eats neatly but when drinking, water drips from beard (it’s an Airedale thing). If you give him a big deep bucket of water, he sticks his whole head under water sometimes. He LOVES rubs behind the ear. Enjoys other dogs if they aren’t too rough in playing; doesn’t like other dominant dogs.

Trained to be crated while you are away and I would recommend that to be safe and to avoid miscommunication about when he needs to go out in a new environment. Copes happily  with loud noisy environment–rowdy parties, new loud people, construction/remodeling in the house, stuff like that.

Fall back retirement job: He might be a wonderful therapy dog as he is SO gentle.

Price: Like the commercial says, priceless… the right person who can love him like he deserves. Call and we can talk about it–330-666-2004


Getting By On “Cute…..”

Take a look at this W-K9 form published in honor of tax day today. The very first line asked to assess your dog’s level of CUTE and multiply times 100. Yes, this is how your Airedale gets by on “cute.”  All the negatives are subtracted from the cuteness assets! pet-tax-return-1

…And Then There is Pink!

Think Pink!

Due to a change in family plans, one of our expected new homes could not come to visit and view any of the puppies. PINK is interested in interviewing for the position of lifetime companion. Her resume includes:PINK

*Sweet cuddly affection alternating with mischievous curiosity

*Very red color with black expressed with an easily maintained wiry coat

*Wonderful deep brown eyes

*Square little build for quick turns while playing and still fits on a lap! (the lap feature will expire in about 2-3 months)

*Check out her activities in the video posted at the bottom of our previous post titled “Excuses, Excuses.”

*As all our puppies have, Pink has her five generation pedigree with both foreign and domestic titles in conformation, service, and working events.

*Also, her portfolio with tips on puppy rearing, feeding info, health record showing her first vaccinations, 4# puppy food bag, and much more.

*In short, Pink is a kit for the best dog you will ever own! (Some assembly required)

Contact me if you would like to set up an interview. Pink will be waiting to hear from you!

4/28/2014: Pink has a new home with her family not too far from here. She’s a very lucky, happy puppy! Thank you to all those who contacted me about her.

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