…And Then There is Pink!

Think Pink!

Due to a change in family plans, one of our expected new homes could not come to visit and view any of the puppies. PINK is interested in interviewing for the position of lifetime companion. Her resume includes:PINK

*Sweet cuddly affection alternating with mischievous curiosity

*Very red color with black expressed with an easily maintained wiry coat

*Wonderful deep brown eyes

*Square little build for quick turns while playing and still fits on a lap! (the lap feature will expire in about 2-3 months)

*Check out her activities in the video posted at the bottom of our previous post titled “Excuses, Excuses.”

*As all our puppies have, Pink has her five generation pedigree with both foreign and domestic titles in conformation, service, and working events.

*Also, her portfolio with tips on puppy rearing, feeding info, health record showing her first vaccinations, 4# puppy food bag, and much more.

*In short, Pink is a kit for the best dog you will ever own! (Some assembly required)

Contact me if you would like to set up an interview. Pink will be waiting to hear from you!

4/28/2014: Pink has a new home with her family not too far from here. She’s a very lucky, happy puppy! Thank you to all those who contacted me about her.


2 thoughts on “…And Then There is Pink!

    • OK….more news as we approach Tempe’s due date of 5/20. She is ultrasounded and confirmed pregnant but isn’t very large, so I expect a small litter. Only time will tell now!

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