Shhhhhh…..Puppies are being born now!

Labor started at 4 am and the first puppy arrived at 6 am–each one is a small miracle. Be patient while I attend Tempe. So, While We Wait….More About Tempe….


Tempe’s mom, Claire, is the Maternal Granddam to her puppies being born today. Claire was Jean McCoy’s pride and joy, finishing her CH handily with Allison Sundermann.

CH Seneca Ariana Maximum Clarity

AKC #RN06678602

OFA #AT-3471G24F Good

Claire was later bred for the first and only time to the Maternal Grandsire of the puppies being born today:

CH Bristol Aires A to Z, CD, RAE, certified: Therapy Dog Intl

(note: I just found out that Zander (A to Z) is still trucking along at age 13–Good Boy!)

AKC#RN00083101 Hips rated in 70th percentile with PennHip method




Tempe was born into this beautiful litter of 10 on January 12, puppies





Here are just the puppies. Tempe’s ribbon color was sunshine Yellow.





This is Tempe at 4 months….Yellow-Tempe





…and at 20 months!Seneca airedales_Tempe


CH Seneca Ariana Temperance, aka “Tempe”

RN 18097701

Hips prelim normal

Tempe finished her Championship with Allison Sundermann earning the comment: “She never put a foot down wrong.” This regarding  her smooth effortless efficient movement.

Tempe has been training for her CD but is taking time out for maternity leave.













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