Wrapping Up A Successful First Week

Here we are at the end of the first week. Starting tomorrow at 6 am each puppy will be a full seven days old. This first week has been about growth and weight gain. There are some size differences in the litter, so I referee (day and night) to be sure that no one is crowded out. There’s plenty of milk for all if they would just line up neatly!

Tempe is the greatest mom, putting up with all my rearranging of puppies and very attentive to them.

Still no personality differences–each puppy spends their time eating and sleeping. Still with eyes and ears sealed, blind and deaf, they seek their mother if they feel her nearby. Next week that will all change!

I have not posted because I am soooooo tired! I’ve not had a full night’s sleep for a few days now and my business is at peak during the holidays so I’m really feeling it now. Big day yesterday, lots of work, and a big weekend–still loving the Sunday stillness.

The puppies are looking very chubby in the tummy. All six are strong and growing well. I’d like to write more, but my day runs like this: puppies, work, puppies, work, puppies, sleep, puppies, sleep, puppies, work….. You get the idea. Yep, still checking in on them at 10 pm, 1 am, and 4 am at night. Sometimes more often if I am awake anyway…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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