Retirement for Fancy

Seneca Airedales

Fancy in her Best Dressed category!

We are preparing to retire Fancy, one of our champions who has just turned six years young on June 18, 2015. Fancy is very well mannered, affectionate and shows almost no aggression to other dogs (if one picks on her she does stand up for herself but she would never start anything and wants to be friends). She walks beautifully on a leash without pulling and just wants to be with people 24/7 if she can. She can also stay by herself for periods of time calmly without separation anxiety. Her price is $700 plus interview(s) to be sure that she will continue her good life.

Reason for letting go? I am a breeder of 10 generations of Airedales and as such, have chosen to keep her son, daughter, 2 granddaughters and a niece. I have learned over the years that 5 is about my limit for quality time and attention to each.
Seneca Airedales puppies

Fancy as a mom

She is not yet spayed. Her DHLLP vaccination is good for one year (10/20/2015) and her Rabies is good for three years (1/7/2018). Fancy is freshly groomed and welcomes visitors. Just call for a time to see her!

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