Happy New Year!


Are we feeling a little tipsy? From Seneca Airedales we wish you a very Happy New Year! We do have Gold girl and Teal boy, born 10/26/2015 available. They have their first three vaccinations of the puppy series completed and are VERY MERRY! We posed for you just today right here:

Current comments from the APU (Airedale Puppies United) who were born 10/26/2015 and are placed with their new forever homes include:

…Blue has now been named Watson.  Vet said he looked great, … No crying at night, sits and makes eye contact for food, happy to come and loves to play outside. Puppy classes start next week.

…I hope you had a good Christmas. We had a busy one with Red, who we

Seneca Airedales

Harley and Ellie

have named Ellie (Seneca Ready-Made Elegance). Harley  was quite thrilled to get a baby sister and my husband was overjoyed (we had talked about getting another Airedale, but he didn’t know it was coming last Monday!). He loves her. Ellie  is a bundle of energy, is eating well, playing with her toys and everything else, and trying to establish her dominance. She’s mastered ‘sit” at feeding time. It’s cute to watch Harley play with her – he’s very gentle, but lets her know in dog-talk that she isn’t the alpha around here (a hard pill for her to swallow!) She’s a great puppy. I’ve enclosed a picture of her with her big brother and will keep you posted on her progress. <Note: Harley came from us too, some years ago…)

…We are very much enjoying our new family member! Deezel, formerly known as purple, is adjusting very well. He has made it through the two nights without any accidents, and has only piddled in the house once!

Please do call us if your New Year’s Resolution involves adding an Airedale Terrier to the family in 2016! Contact Nancy at 330-666-2004 or aireseneca@gmail.com








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