They Wonder Where Their People Is…..

Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

Yet they wonder where their people is…..

Blue Ribbon Baby Boy and White Ribbon Baby Boy – above – were the undeserved targets of last minute cancellations and their people never saw or came for them. These two most deserving of sweet boys really are waiting somewhat patiently for YOU to call.

Born in the litter of January 14th, 2017, you can see the happy puppyhood they shared in the previous posts since that date. Their littermates are all over the country with two in California and Pennsylvania, one each in Colorado, Ohio, and Texas!

If one of our two available boys could put a SPRING in your step, give us a comment below or call: 330-666-2004

We will provide our excellent puppy portfolio that includes a 5 generation pedigree, health care record to date, 8 pages of info and recommendations, and a four pound bag of Best Breed Puppy Food with a three day starter of Nu-Vet to fulfill their nutritional needs.

April 21, 2017 – Update – Our two boys, now named Henry and Bernie, have found their people and we hear great reports! We hope to have a summer litter; just send a note and we can help you with more information….


One thought on “They Wonder Where Their People Is…..

  1. It was very nice to speak with you. My recent male, Cole, is the dog I described who died from an auto immune disorder that caused him to attack his own red blood cells.

    I am a board member of Hunting Working Airedales. I have trained my previous three Airedales to hunt birds. Cole passed the Junior fur test and passed a land and a water retrieve test at the Airedale Nationals last September, less than a month before he died. Cole had passed an upland hunt test held for spaniels in Illinois, earlier that summer.

    I belong to Great Lakes Sport Dog Association, giving me a chance to run my dog in upland hunt tests each month from April to September.

    I am interested in the two litters you have and will look forward to your evaluations of the puppies potential.


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