Winter 2018-19 Litter Announcement

A Dozen! We are blessed with boys as we welcomed 9 boys-3 girls for the full night long on October 29-30th. I pretty much went without sleep for over two days as I helped in their safe arrival and started monitoring weight.


In the order of arrival on October 29th:        Followed by the weight Nov 2, 4 days later:

10:00 pm      BLUE            male         8.6 oz            8.7 oz

11:38             GREEN         male         9.1                10.5

Now, October 30th:

12:48 am       TEAL            male         9.3                 8.9

2:00               ORANGE     male         9.0                 9.5

2:20               PINK            female      7.1                 6.9

2:45              RED               male         8.1                 8.7

4:28              YELLOW      female      8.3               10.1

4:50              PURPLE       male           8.3                8.5

5:55              SEAFOAM   male           8.6                9.6

6:38              GOLD           male           9.3              12.0

7:50              CONGRATS female         6.5               7.2

11:18              CHOC          male            8.1               7.6

As you can see from the weights in RED that some of the puppies actually weighed less than their birth weight after 4 days and other had only gained very little–more drastic measures were called for.


I had already been getting up round the clock every two hours to make sure that all were getting a fair share of the available spaces to nurse; we had divided the litter into the “Cool Kids” who were larger, sleek, and always seemed to get what they wanted, and the “Breakfast Club” who were smaller misfits who needed a little extra attention and were ready to fight to succeed. While one group nursed with Mom, the second group would rest in a well appointed box and were given bottle-fed formula, then switch about. I enlisted every person I could to help me keep them fed–and I thank everyone whole heartedly! Weight gains improved markedly. Now we are happy to see them trying out their first baby foods today, as they prepare to turn three weeks old on November 20th.


So, we announce a litter born from “Harry” aka Am & Can Ch Terrydale HK Traymar’s National Affair and from “Verity” aka Seneca Ariana Verity, born (mostly) on October 30th. Their eighth week falls on Christmas time, so consider your holiday plans and think about the arrival of a new family member after the holidays!

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: or by phone: 330-666-2004

Terrier Trio–chapter 2

The Terrier Trio is fat and sassy! With just three to raise up, Vega is having a great time with them now that they are showing personality and real character. With long ribbons dangling, PINK peers out, perhaps planning to ambush one of her littermates. With one paw raised, GREEN is picture perfect but I’m sure, planning her next bit of deviltry….Guarding his fort in a well defended position, BLUE BOY is contemplating his next move.


Actually, more of our photos looked like this….and this….as we tried to get them to hold still long enough to take a sweet photo. They are much more in motion as you can see! On the left, pink and blue, and on the right, blue and green.


After all, it’s much, much more fun to play with the leaves than take a photo!


As a recap, the Terrier Trio are now 5 weeks old and can travel to their new homes the weekend of Thanksgiving or thereafter at 8 weeks. They were born September 26th to Canadian CH Seneca Brave to the Max CD “Max”  and Vega. The dad is Max–click his name to see his introduction. His sire is Champion D/KfT, Deutscher Champion VDH, Champion INT.FLASH VON ARGONAUT VPG1, VPG2, VPG3, IPO3, AD, FH, Körklasse. 1A, Teilnahme KLSP 97 + 98. The mother, Seneca Vega Harp Star, was born to her parents CH Darbywood’s Baraboo of Singing Hills and Seneca Ready to Appeal, which you can see here: Vega1 ,  Vega2  ,  Vega3.   Vega was the Pink puppy- yes, we do need to get some grown up photos of Vega. Remember we are celebrating our 12th generation of Seneca Airedales so you can follow the entire line!

For our available puppies please drop us a line in the comments box below-More info on request!

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