Winter 2018-19 Litter Class Photos! ….and availability update….

We took a bath and got all cleaned up with new ribbons to be introduced to you. Now at just a couple days short of being six weeks old we will soon be sending out a “getting ready” email of tips for everyone waiting for these little lady killers and heart breakers. 

Congratulations! (female)

First the girls….

Congratulations, or Congrats as we call her, has really grown.  She is named for the ribbon she wears, happily!

Born as the smallest puppy in the litter, she grew up fighting and has gained weight and look fabulous! She’s sassy, she’s plucky, and she takes nothing from nobody in this big litter of twelve!

UPDATE: Now living in WV

Rose  (female)

A rose is a rose by any other name, so our little Rose is sweet. She was also not the biggest puppy born but has taken to the puppy food with gusto and has never looked back! Rose is gentle, sweet, and has just enough terrier feisty so that she can hold her own with the boys.

UPDATE: Now living in NY

Sunshine (female)

Sunshine, our yellow ribbon puppy, likes to play–then sleep–then eat and play again. She’s really not hard to please if you help her to do those three activities! We could all use a little sunshine in these gloomy winter days in Ohio.

UPDATE: Now living in OH

Now for the boys, all nine, who are the handsome heart breakers of the bunch. Watch out or you might fall in love!

Teal  (male)

Teal, wears the ribbon with pride. He’s now ready to start celebrating the New Year with you! Teal is an outgoing adventurer and is always ready to check out the newest toys and try them out. Next, he’ll be exploring anything you leave lying on the floor in your house, too!

UPDATE: AVAILABLE with PAT scores indicating natural aptitudes in retrieving, social skills, and excellent obedience potential!

Seafoam  (male)

Seafoam makes me think of beaches and he’s sitting in front of a Jesse Wilcox Smith print.  A steady sort of fellow, Seafoam is a great companion, ready for his grown up name with you!

UPDATE: Now living in TN

Red  (male)

Red is a bit of a traditional Airedale puppy. He’s been practicing using his vintage carrier to be ready to travel in a few weeks. He likes his red blanket and we had to coax him out to take his photo!

UPDATE: Now living in AL

Purple  (male)

Purple, yes, that’s a purple ribbon in there, next to the teal feather he has decided to taste. Our Mardi Gras boy could grow up to be a field dog getting birds, or he just might be a provocative tease with his beads and feathers!

UPDATE: Now living in IN

Green  (male)

Green is a lucky boy. He’s a little quieter and more self amusing. He’s sweet and perhaps not as busy as some of his littermates. Can anyone use a little more luck?

UPDATE: Now living in OH

Gold  (male)

Gold is a big sturdy fellow with something more precious than real gold; he’s got time…years and years of time to be someone’s best friend ever. We can’t say for sure but he may grow to be larger than average.

UPDATE: Now living in NC

Chocolate  (male)

Chocolate wears a brown ribbon. The grandfather of all these twelve is an international German Champion. Their father was conceived there and then born in the USA. He’s the sweetest guy you could ask for…everyone’s most favorite treat, pure, high quality, rich, memorable chocolate!

UPDATE: Now living in OH

Blue  (male)

Blue is a tortured artist–NOT! He’s a bit more of a paw painter from the Jackson Pollock school of artists. Bright colors attract on the new toys but he’s really not as busy as you might think. Creativity takes a lot out of you so Blue naps a lot!

UPDATE: Now living in OH

Orange  (male)

Orange is a big fan of the Cleveland Browns! Yeah, the record may be a bit spotty but the jacket sure looks good on him. I hope you have some balls to play with at your house–especially a football or two!

UPDATE: Now living in PA

We plan to do our aptitude evaluation on either December 19th or 22-23. 
At this early stage, a deposit is like a reservation at a restaurant–we guarantee you a table, but we’re not sure which one just yet. 😉

Due to some unpleasant people in the past, please prepare to bring cash on the day of pick up. At the time that you pick up your puppy, we ask for cash unless you have prepaid with enough time (about 2 weeks) to verify your personal check. We’re sorry that we are so old-fashioned that we prefer not to do digital money transfers.

Our winter puppies will be old enough to travel after Christmas but we don’t rush them out the door. They can be placed up until January 20th. Then there will be a 2 week break while I am on vacation. Don’t worry; I take responsibility for my puppies very seriously and if any have not been spoken for at that point, we will resume interviewing families after my return in February. 

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: or by phone: 330-666-2004 We have also listed this litter on our Breeder of Merit page on AKC Marketplace.

Winter 2018-19 Litter Update

Here we are at the fun stage of weeks 4 and 5 (week 3 is reprinted for comparison); now in addition to eating and sleeping, we have some playtime to add. The team has graduated from the litter nursery box to a grand enclosure fully newspapered and furnished.

Now we have to use two pans to provide everyone a place at the table!

So what comes next? Later today, we will be bathing all twelve AGAIN–they seem to think that food works by osmosis through the skin instead of orally….<geesh!> Then we will be taking individual photos to show the gleam in their eye. We are sure that you are tired of looking at puppies eating! But here it is again anyway as they enjoy their double dish all you can eat buffet!


So, the recap to our litter born from “Harry” aka Am & Can Ch Terrydale HK Traymar’s National Affair and from “Verity” aka Seneca Ariana Verity, born on October 30th. Their eighth week falls on Christmas time, so consider your holiday plans and think about the arrival of a new family member after the holidays!

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: or by phone: 330-666-2004 We have also listed this litter on our Breeder of Merit page on AKC Marketplace.


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