Winter 2018-19 Litter Update

Here we are at the fun stage of weeks 4 and 5 (week 3 is reprinted for comparison); now in addition to eating and sleeping, we have some playtime to add. The team has graduated from the litter nursery box to a grand enclosure fully newspapered and furnished.

Now we have to use two pans to provide everyone a place at the table!

So what comes next? Later today, we will be bathing all twelve AGAIN–they seem to think that food works by osmosis through the skin instead of orally….<geesh!> Then we will be taking individual photos to show the gleam in their eye. We are sure that you are tired of looking at puppies eating! But here it is again anyway as they enjoy their double dish all you can eat buffet!


So, the recap to our litter born from “Harry” aka Am & Can Ch Terrydale HK Traymar’s National Affair and from “Verity” aka Seneca Ariana Verity, born on October 30th. Their eighth week falls on Christmas time, so consider your holiday plans and think about the arrival of a new family member after the holidays!

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: or by phone: 330-666-2004 We have also listed this litter on our Breeder of Merit page on AKC Marketplace.


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