A Rose is a Rose….now living in New York City!

Little Rose was born in a big litter of twelve puppies on October 30th, 2018, and she is still looking for just the right family. She wasn’t the biggest and she wasn’t the smallest. Rose was just right! Now she is bigger and learning so many new things that are very important to a puppy–walking on a leash, being quiet and very good at night, and eating up her very good puppy diet to continue growing into a most outstanding little Airedale!

Sometimes, Rose likes to play with her Uncle Bosun, a very big 85 pound Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Don’t worry–he lays down and lets Rosie climb all over him! Sometimes, Rosie likes to dress up as you can see in the picture and go for a walk. Her favorite place is the local pet store where they have more treats and more toys than she has *ever* seen in one place before!

If you are thinking of adopting a new canine into your family, give us a call and we can schedule a visit with Rose herself!

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: aireseneca@gmail.com or by phone: 330-666-2004 We have also listed this litter on our Breeder of Merit page on AKC Marketplace.

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