About the Breeder

Hello, my name is Nancy L. Secrist, and I like Airedales. Actually, I REALLY like Airedales.

Seneca Airedales

Nancy Secrist, post OSU graduation, June 1980 with Lay Dee Ayr’s Sunlit Jacki CDX.

Some might even say that I am a little bit obsessed with them if they saw my interior decorating scheme which consists of a collection of early Airedalia (short for Airedale memorabilia) and various dog toys, crates, furnishings, and supplies! Not to mention the “black and tan wave” that meets visitors at the door, and eventually turns into the “wall-to-wall” live floor covering….well, you might get the idea!

But you might ask what qualifies me to be a breeder of quality Airedales other then just constant exposure over an extended period of time. So, feel free to to check it out.


  • B.S., College of Agriculture-graduated through the Honors Program, Ohio State University in March, 1980, majoring in Dairy Science with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Genetics, GPA 3.2/4.0.
  • M.A., Department of English,Scientific and Technical Communications, Bowling Green State University. August, 2002, GPA 4.0/4.0.

Airedale Breed Experience:
  • Purchased my first Airedale at age 15, and knew then that this breed was special for me. In 1979, I purchased a puppy, my third Airedale, Jacki, which grew up to be my first show dog, and is now the many times great grandmother to most of our dogs today. Over 35 years and 10 generations later, Seneca Airedales continue in the original lines with well thought out additions to that bloodline according to our goal of “having a dog you can do something with.”

Obedience Experience:
  • That first dog, Jacki and I began learning obedience together, earning the CD and CDX titles in just 8 AKC trials, finishing up tied for 3rd nationally in 1982 (Shuman system).
  • Personally earned a total of 17 obedience titles, competing in all levels. I do not count Therapy Dog International (TDI) or Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certifications as titles-though I have earned those also.
  • Almost every year since the mid-1980’s has a Seneca Airedale, or a dog sired by a Seneca Airedale, listed in the top 5 in national obedience rankings. By that criteria, a total of over 150 titles have been earned in many areas of performance with their owner/trainers, often setting first, youngest, or top records in some way. Highlights include:
    • First MACH
    • #1 Airedale (National Award with ATCA) for 6 years running
    • First CH-UDX
    • First CH-UD since 1967 (in over 20 years) in the breed
    • First Versatility Award
    • Youngest TD (6 months, 3 days old) and second youngest (6 months and 3 weeks)
    • Three Schutzhund III titleists
    • Three Hearing Assistance Certified Dogs
    • Six Search and Rescue Dogs
    • Several successful Field and Hunt dogs at the Buckeye Lake, Ohio events including Jr Hunter and Master Hunter titles
    • Various Barn Hunt and Rally titleists
    • I feel that I am overlooking some very deserving dogs; my apologies if I am.
  • Note: Heartfelt congratulations and sincere admiration to the many owners, trainers, and exhibitors who work so hard. Thanks for believing that an Airedale will master the high demands of advanced training and helping them get on with the job!
  • Stewarded (assisting a judge) all-breed obedience and specialty classes at all levels.
  • Judged in sanctioned and unsanctioned obedience matches.
  • Became a charter member and all breed obedience instructor (beginning and advanced classes) with Tri-County Dog Training, Inc. Served as President for 3 years and Director of Training for 4 years.
  • Became a charter member of the North American Working Airedale Terrier Association.
  • Wrote the Airedale Terrier Club of America Newsletter’s obedience column for 2 years, served for 2 years on the obedience committee and then a year on the website committee.
Conformation Experience
  • Finished 60+ AKC champions with handlers, or owner handled in Bred-By Classes; earned majors at regional specialties (sometimes from puppy class or Bred-by), while another 60+ Champions were bred here, or were sired by a Seneca Airedale, to finished their titles for a total of over 120 Champions-some becoming #1 ranked with Group and National Specialty wins.
  • Finished 7 Canadian champions, including Canadian National Specialty wins.
  • Stewarded (assisting a judge) in all-breed and specialty shows conformation classes.
  • Judged terriers in sanctioned and unsanctioned matches; attended several AKC judging seminars for the Airedale.

Enter the 1990’s with the import of Luckyboy von Abendstern SchHIII, OFA Excellent) at age 10.5

AKC Recognition

  • AKC Breeder of Merit
  • AKC Mentor in Dog Sports


Seneca Airedales have been featured in a number of publications:

  • Youngstown All Breed Training Seminar (Speaker) on Practical and Applied Genetics for the Multi Purpose Dog, Septemer 14, 2008
  • Bath Country Journal, Bath’s Lone Hearing Assistance Dog, Check pages 28 and 29 Easdale: the best pet care has an ad on page 34. This is our home based business. If you would like to visit us there: www.bestpetcare.net will take you there!
  • The Complete Airedale Terrier, by Dutcher and Framke. Available through Howell Publishers (Check the obedience and agility chapters)
  • The Working Airedale: by Bryan Cummins. Available through OTR Publishing, Centreville, Alabama.
  • The Airedale Annual 1993 and 1994, Hofflin Publishing. Stony is in full color on the 1994 cover! (Note: All the above may be available through Direct Book Service 1-800-776-2665.)
  • The ATCA 1990 Yearbook. Published once each decade by the ATCA. (Check in Champions, pages 178-180, pages 358-363 and 404-405) Available from the Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA)
  • The American Kennel Gazette, “Breeding for Versatility,” January 1993. Available from the American Kennel Club.

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  1. Sounds great, we got our first Airedale when I was about 8 , “Blue” he won a trophy for obedience but could not be shown because he had an eyelash that grew inwards and needed an operation (we were told when we got him as a pup that he shed real tears) Blue was a great companion. My parents owned two other Airedales and my sister currently owns an Airedale.

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