New Photos!

The Big Day–when the puppies leave the whelping box and graduate to a play area! This took me over two hours to do, plus new ribbon collars for all! Here is the pristine prepared papered area….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We have a box with a blankie, a squeaky red football, a corduroy lion,and a red/white plushy soccer ball. After some exploration, some experimentation, and some small excitements, the soccer ball was voted most popular–for today!


There is a nice clear bucket of water just the right size for puppies that are 4 weeks old and soon to be 5 weeks old.

All are eating about 4 times a day at the moment, plus mom’s visits for milk although there just isn’t enough to go around with such BIG babies. Don’t worry, as they demolish pans of food thoroughly! In another week, they will only want three times a day and will be headed for two times a day after that.


Bright eyed and increasingly active, the puppies get free range of the whole room when I am changing the papers every morning. Each day, they are finding ever more things to get into!











Family Ties and Two Weeks Old

What maternal influence could possibly complement Luckyboy’s lineage and traits?

Meet German Import and Canadian Champion Jalomonis June (OFA Excellent) aka “Jenna.” Jenna1I showed and finished Jenna in Canada. She is the daughter of Jalomonis Connor SchH III, HDF-A2. This famous C litter included: Jenna2

  • Jalomonis Cay SchH III, FH Bundesseiger 2000,
  • Jalomonis Christopher SchH III, FH II, Leistungsseigerin ‘97, and
  • Jalomonis Cindy SchH III, Kk-1A.

We wove the pedigree with care, going to Am Can CH Seneca Whodunits Motive (OFA Excellent), leftAjax_alonewho embodied seven generations of Seneca background and was an Owner Handled Canadian Group winner. Then, with this daughter, we wove back to Germany again with German Import UCI International CH/Am CH Ikarus von Garnsee, right, again an Owner Handled Can Group winner.

American and Canadian CH Ikarus Vom Garnsee, German Import, Owner Handled Group winner

American and Canadian CH Ikarus Vom Garnsee, German Import, Owner Handled Group winner

This felicitous combination brought us into the present with our own Am Champion Seneca You Will Fancy This, OFA Excellent.

Now, what everyone has been waiting for….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese two photos taken early on October 23 by a very sleep deprived person! First puppy born at 6:20 pm on October 22 with final puppy born at 1 am. I stayed up until 3 to be sure and then had to be up for work by 7! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fortunately, I do work at home. Then…..pre- and post-feeding on November 6th. There are 5 boys and 1 girl.


…We are at the adorable messy stage.

Once Upon A Time….

…there was this amazing dog.
He was born behind the Berlin Wall in communist East Germany. Incredible dog–I saw him working at the SchH III level at a dog sports club by Chemnitz. My hosts pointed him out to me across the training field and I saw a dog that charged the retrieve, leaped 36″ jumps, and ran full out in every task he was asked to do. They asked me how old I thought he was and I guessed 4–old enough to exhibit the advanced level of training and young enough to engage wholeheartedly. They told me he was 10 years and that he had been SCHIII an amazing 64 times! 
Later, I met his handler and this dog–Luckyboy v. Abendstern SCH III, FH I. I expected a guarded, hard core set of eyes that would reflect all that protection work. Instead, he looked up at me with the eyes of a puppy–open, friendly, and sweet natured. I had dreams about him for the next two nights. Then I asked my host to contact his owner deep into what had been East Germany to see if I could buy him. I really didn’t go out there to buy an OLD DOG–but I did. 
LuckyBoy_sitHere in the US, he certified OFA Excellent when he was almost 11. He’s passed on now but lived to be 13. We collected semen for storage and have used it very judiciously. He’s been influential in the breed and is the best outcross I’ve ever seen. He sired SchH titled dogs in Europe and then Champions and AKC obedience dogs all the way up to UD (Utility Dog). His best known son is Ch. Seneca’s Ochoco Pete, UD who attended the Eukanuba Invitationals, ranked in the top 5 obedience dogs for several years and also excelled in bird work at field trials.
I just created a pdf of my records from Germany that I received with Lucky Boy, including his score books from the trials. They are a slice of the history of the working Airedale in Germany. 

⇒We are expecting the first litter of LuckyBoy puppies in over 11 years!

The latest news on Seneca Airedales puppies!

Here we go — announcing the first ever puppies for both Jack and Reddi!

On the left is young Jack, just starting out on his quest to finish the AKC Championship. Jack is a son of CH Seneca Minnesota Razzle CDX RE AXP AJP (OFA Good) and out of Ch Seneca You Will Fancy This (OFA Excellent).

Next is Reddi, with the new babies, born August 4th. Reddi is a three year old rated OFA Excellent, sired by Seneca Whodunit’s Case Closed CDX, TD (OFA Good) and out of CH Seneca Texas Sternchen (OFA Excellent).













What’s more, Reddi is a sister to the well known SHR Seneca Scarlett von Summit JH JHF JHR SHU  who has been tearing up the field trials with her high drive bird work!

UKC Title: Started Hunting Retriever (SHR)
HWA Titles: Junior Hunter Flushing (JHF); Junior Hunter Retrieving (JHR)
AKC Titles: Junior Hunter (JH); Senior Upland (SHU)

Click on a thumbnail to expand the photos below.








Here are the nieces and nephews…..


Here the little guys and girls are sleeping at just about a week old. A well balanced litter with 3 boys – 3 girls.







Getting bigger. Reddi is an attentive mom and they glow with the care and attention lavished upon them.







Eyes peek open! Three weeks old! Now to start the puppy food….









Did we ever mention that puppies go through LOTS of newspaper? We are happy to accept donations of clean full size papers. Slick ad circulars should be put in recycling.

These guys just romp and play now in the good weather–not to hot and not too cold–so far!

Reservations being accepted

Contact Nancy at 330-666-2004




4 Weeks and the First Bath!




Well, here we are at four weeks old today! These little chow hounds are eating everything I put in front of them but usually, they have to liberally apply it to themselves and each other before the meal is done. Here we are on the way to the tub for the first ever (and MUCH needed) bath….


Then, we started with the water and soap, using a gentle but thorough shower…..they really weren’t very happy about it.









Eventually, dry, warm, and shiny (!) all were once again content, nestled in with Momma Tempe.


Three Weeks….What A Mess!

Please forgive the condition of the newspapers in the photos as I can only get any sort of order and cleanliness AFTER they are done eating. These guys are the Three Little Pigs times two!

Eyes and ears are open and fully functional, but they are a little nearsighted….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not pretty but they get the job done!  ;-P


Day 9 – Today’s Photo and the Origins of the Breed

Here is the photo of the day, focusing on the details of just one baby. They still are mainly eating and sleeping. We have a corner of Pink, Green, and Coral with a touch of her tongue showing.  Take a look below for more info about the origins of the breed.


“…the Airedale Terrier was shaped by the conditions and events engaged in by the people owning them. The Yorkshire man, mainly factory workers, wanted a practical dog, one that could be useful in whatever type of hunting available. On Saturdays, a large crowd of men would watch with keen interest and bet on the results of a waterside hunt on the banks of the River Aire for water rats. No doubt the winners of large stakes were bred to more often, since word of mouth was the most powerful advertising of the day.

Unlike many kenneled dogs of the day, these dogs were the companions of their owners and their intelligence was developed by living in their owners’ houses where they were treated like one of the family. During the day, when the men were at work, the dog would be left to protect the home and family. After work, the dog and master would go out for a walk on the riverside-as hares, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, and grouse were all said to be plentiful at the time. Master and dog would look for something to supplement the family’s supper, and quite probably, getting onto the gamekeeper’s grounds to do it!”

Use the link above to read the full story!

Wrapping Up A Successful First Week

Here we are at the end of the first week. Starting tomorrow at 6 am each puppy will be a full seven days old. This first week has been about growth and weight gain. There are some size differences in the litter, so I referee (day and night) to be sure that no one is crowded out. There’s plenty of milk for all if they would just line up neatly!

Tempe is the greatest mom, putting up with all my rearranging of puppies and very attentive to them.

Still no personality differences–each puppy spends their time eating and sleeping. Still with eyes and ears sealed, blind and deaf, they seek their mother if they feel her nearby. Next week that will all change!

I have not posted because I am soooooo tired! I’ve not had a full night’s sleep for a few days now and my business is at peak during the holidays so I’m really feeling it now. Big day yesterday, lots of work, and a big weekend–still loving the Sunday stillness.

The puppies are looking very chubby in the tummy. All six are strong and growing well. I’d like to write more, but my day runs like this: puppies, work, puppies, work, puppies, sleep, puppies, sleep, puppies, work….. You get the idea. Yep, still checking in on them at 10 pm, 1 am, and 4 am at night. Sometimes more often if I am awake anyway…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Critical First Three Days

The first days have been a blur for me. Every time I hear them I run back to check. I should wear a pedometer! Fortunately, it’s a small house. To save wear and tear on my feet, I sometimes just sit with them for an hour at a time…longer when I can. 

I noted on Tuesday most of the puppies had lost up to an ounce from their birth weight. Some of this is the normal drying and elimination of fluids from birth. But part of this is that Tempe is producing colostrum, a thick sticky yellow milk that provides whole antibody cells to the puppies for immunization.

These cells are huge on the cellular landscape and far larger that what can pass through the walls of the digestion tract. It would be like attempting to pull a semi-truck into your garage! Yet this is vitally important to the puppies’ survival as their immune system is not yet functional and cannot protect them from the bacteria that exist on every surface, even on their mother’s coat. And, NO, I cannot run Tempe through a sterilizer.

So, if the antibody cells are too large to pass how does it help the puppies? Big finish….just for 24 hours after birth, the walls of the puppies’ intestines are able to pass these large semi-truck deliveries whole, thereby passing the immunity directly into the bloodstream and protecting them until 8-10 weeks old. Old enough for their own immune systems to take over and manufacture active immunity from their vaccinations and exposure to the environment. After 25 hours, that ability disappears and they are eating just for nourishment, not for immunity.

Puppy immunity

This graph represents the level of antibodies against parvovirus present in two unvaccinated puppies after birth. Puppy 1 (blue line) received a lot of colostrum from the mother, puppy 2 (red line) did not receive as much. The dotted line shows the level at which the puppy becomes vulnerable to infection from the environment. In puppy 2, this occurs at 7 weeks of age, in puppy 1, this does not occur until 10 weeks of age. Credit:

The colostrum is so thick the puppies work and work to nurse and get only small amounts for their efforts, resulting in weight loss the first 24 hours. You can see why I micro-manage to be sure all are doing the best that they can. This is a critical period when a newborn may not get enough to maintain the energy to nurse. As the newborn becomes hypoglycemic, in effect, starving to death, they descend into sleep, conserving their remaining energy but losing out on more opportunities to nurse.

It’s a vicious cycle that can spiral down into death. A hypoglycemic sleeping puppy looks much like a contented sleeping puppy, therefore, routinely I stir them up and put them back to nursing. Remember, as newborns they have no fat reserves to draw upon for energy.

8750365-fresh-milk-comic-design-of-milk-bottleHappy news! Soon, Tempe’s “milk will come in” meaning that she switches over from colostrum to producing the more freely flowing whiter milk. I can’t wait until I see the puppies settling down and growing fatter, fuller stomachs while nursing more easily. 

Isn’t nature amazing!?!

The heat lamp is off since last night; I think it is costing the puppies more in dehydration then helping in warmth. I’m still checking on them at 10 pm, 1 am, and 4 am…plus all day long.  They appear comfortable and I saw weight gains this Wednesday morning.

I eventually will get caught up on my sleep. It’s just not the priority at the moment!

Six o’ one, half a dozen o’ the other

I’ll have a half dozen Airedales, please…..

Labor started at 4 am May 19 (ask me how I know) and the first of the puppies arrived at 6 am–each one is a small miracle. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6:00 am       Male      BLUE ribbon             7.5 oz

6:14 am        Male      GREEN ribbon         7.75

7:00 am       Female PINK ribbon            9.50

9:00 am        Female YELLOW ribbon    9.25

9:44 am        Male       LT BLUE ribbon    6.25

10:55 am     Female  CORAL ribbon       9.50
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMother and litter are all doing splendidly. I, on the other hand, had a full day of work including three dogs to groom, phone calls, new customer tour, trip to the bank and the vet, and a plumber repair appointment.

Add mileage on my feet to hang with Tempe and pups as much as possible in the back of the house and….I’m feeling a little ragged around the edges. G’night…..


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