Getting a Jump on Valentine’s Day!


Gold Ribbon Baby Girl – above OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Orange Ribbon Baby Girl – above – (available) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pink Ribbon Baby Girl – above – (available) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yellow Ribbon Baby Girl – above -If one of our two available girls could be YOUR Valentine, give us a comment below or call: 330-666-2004

We will provide our excellent puppy portfolio that includes a 5 generation pedigree, health care record to date, 8 pages of info and recommendations, and a four pound bag of Best Breed Puppy Food with a three day starter of Nu-Vet to fulfill their nutritional needs.



Max’s Puppies Between 5 and 6 Weeks!

The father of our puppies born 11/16/2016 is Canadian CH Seneca Brave to the Max! Max excelled at loyal devotion and obedience, evidenced by his High in Trial at the National Specialty, Year of the Airedale 2003.

Max was born due to an unlikely series of events. While I was visiting in Germany in the late 1990’s, I was very impressed by a male Airedale. flashHis name was Champion D/KfT,
Deutscher Champion VDH, Champion INT. FLASH VON ARGONAUT VPG1, VPG2, VPG3, IPO3, AD, FH, Körklasse. 1A, Teilnahme KLSP 97 + 98. Flash represents a great line of European dogs; here’s where you can do some research….

I was very interested in his talents and bloodlines but he wasn’t leaving Germany–and so decided to bring my very own CH Seneca Brave Chance (Jacki) to him. Jacki had recently finished her Championship owner handled with three majors by her breeder–and my son Tim. 1998_06timjacki_june1

After some months of planning, flying Jacki to Germany BEFORE she was in her heat cycle and waiting….and waiting….finally, Jacki was bred and sent back to me in the USA. With considerable AKC paperwork, we were able to produce and register a litter of Flash puppies in Ohio!2003_timsrphoto 2005-timandjacklasttime

Jacki has a special place in our family as my oldest son Tim took an interest in Junior Showmanship and Jacki was his best friend of all the Airedales we ever had. Tim even won a major towards her Championship under well known handler and AKC judge, Richard Cashoudian–we have a great show pic of that. I really need to look up more photos and scan them in. He took his senior high school photos with her. Shortly before she passed at the age of 13 he put his head together with hers to say good-bye.

Now we are playing with Jacki’s grandchildren, Max’s kids, and Allie’s babies–all in one package!


Hearty Thanksgiving!

We’ve completed a successful first week and like most of us, our guys are stuffed at the end of the day, but not with turkey!

Here are the latest photos:

Yea! The New Puppies Arrive!

You may remember that we introduced Allie, aka Seneca Up Your Alley, fourth generation OFA Excellent, a few months ago?

Seneca Airedales

Seneca Airedales introduces Allie!

Here’s a pic of Allie to jog your memory … and here’s a recap: Her sire is CH Seneca Minnesota Razzle CDX RE AXP AJP.  Razzle is OFA Good and both his parents are OFA Excellent. Her dam is CH Seneca You Will Fancy This. Fancy is OFA Excellent and her parents are OFA Fair and OFA Excellent. If this all sounds a bit familiar, Allie’s older brother is last year’s new Champion; you can visit him here and see more photos of Allie’s family:

Now we have the happy news that Allie has her first litter, eight fine puppies of 5 female and 3 male, delivered last night in the final hours of NovOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 16th.  If you look carefully, you can see all eight colors of ribbons which serve as their name until they get better ones. Here’s the stats:

5:46 pm Blue male           9.25 oz

6:21 pm Pink female      13.00 oz

7:05 pm Gold female      10.75 oz

7:40 pm Yellow female 12.00 oz

8:05 pm Green male      11.25 oz

8:45 pm Scarlet female 10.75 oz

10:25 pm Purple male     10.00 oz

10:40 pm Orange female  9.75 oz

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI sleep in a room right next to the puppies and check them often during the night and throughout the day. All are strong and nursing vigorously; Allie is a wonderful mama dog. Here a final shot of the proud parent.

On my next postings, I will cover our new and improved whelping furnishings, the sire of these fine puppies and his family ties, as well as other notes and observations as these little ones grow bigger. Feel free to visit my earlier posts to see previews of development.

In closing, it’s too bad that these little ones just couldn’t be born fast enough for some folks. We had to return some deposits lately due to the time required to produce a puppy–you just can’t rush something like this. So, we do have a few more reservation openings available if you are looking for a best friend ever!

Introducing Verity!


Seneca Ariana Verity

It’s all still in the family. Her sire is CH Seneca Ochocho Pete UD.  Pete is OFA Good and  his parents are OFA Excellent and Good. Her dam is CH Seneca Ariana Temperance. Tempe is OFA Good and her parents are OFA Good and PennHip 70th percentile–which is good too.

The grand dad to the puppies, Verity’s father:Seneca Airedales_Pete

CH Seneca Ochoco Pete UDX

AKC #  RM245710/03

CERF # 197/1999-13

OFA #AT-3161G30M  Good

Here’s a story about Pete as a young dog:

Fall, 2001:

To have a Champion, you have to show in conformation…here’s one experience:

The first time I tried it, I hated it.  Let’s see.  I spent days and hours pulling hair.  Not only was I a complete Novice at this dog thing BUT I had an Airedale Terrier—probably the hardest dog to get ready for show—I’ll spare you the details.   Suffice it to say, it involves hours of hand pulling to mere nths of hair in some places and carefully hand plucking single long hairs from other places.  And after all that pulling, and eyeballing and effort I go to the show and he still looks like a hayseed next to the other dogs—readied for show by professionals or owners working on their upteenth dog.  The whole ring thing passes by in a flash and you’re lucky if your dog is even looked at seriously by the judge.  And unlike obedience competition where the dog is truly judged and scored according to a standard, the judge in (the conformation) ring gives you nothing to help you out the next time.

After my first attempt I wrote a letter to the breeder telling her I was done with the whole thing and sorry….(breeder’s note: it was sort of funny too, but that wasn’t the end of it–read on….)

Now mind you I got Pete to train.  I always wanted to train a good dog and he is that, through and through.  He also happens to quite a nice looking Airedale and frankly I got tired of him being referred to as the obedience Airedale in the Airedale Club.  There was even one of those show folk types who insisted an obedience dog could not be a show dog.  In the larger scheme of things I wanted his breeder to get the recognition her breeding program deserves but in the small corners of my human heart I wanted people to give my dog his due!!

So I sent him to dog camp—that is to say a professional handler.  He was out and back in 12 weeks.  Champion Seneca’s Ochoco Pete CDX.

–Yvonne R., WA


Pete was one of three Airedales nationally to qualify for the 2005 Eukanuba Invitationals, FL. Pete was the oldest at 8 years of age.

Yvonne Rauch with Pete UDX (Left), Mary Law with Spice UDX (Center), and Alice Peterson with Tigger UDX (Right)

30 May, 2004

Well, we had a beautiful day out on the Lost River for our first day of field training. It was the third day of training for most…..The first part of the morning was introducing the labs and the dale to birds: pigeons, pheasant and duck. Some dogs took right to it. Others, mine included, had to deep sniff the birds and then be enticed to pick them up. Pete was quite puzzled by the whole thing and exhibited none of his usual retrieve drive.

The trainer told those of us whose dogs were less than enthusiastic not to start worrying and fretting; things would kick in.

We moved onto bumpers being tossed by someone stationed out in the field who also shot a small starter pistol. Pete clicked in and did an excellent job marking. We then moved to water where Pete could hardly stand the fact that other dogs were going before him. We did some of the longest water retrieves ever and he did not want to stop after three.

The last piece of training was shooting a bird for the dog to retrieve from “the line.” The dogs who had shown a bit more enthusiasm went first and I took one of the shot birds and did some refresher training while waiting our turn. I placed the bird in Pete’s mouth and told him to hold.

Then asked him to give and praised. I did that just a few times and then had Bob hold Pete while I stood a few feet in front of him, extending the bird.

“Hey Pete, Take it.” As soon as he strained against the collar he was released; he came and took the bird, praise, Hold, praise, Give. I then did a very short retrieve from my side. Then I had Bob, a short distance off, throw the bird and sent Pete out. The light went on and so did his drive.

We went to the line (all that obedience training also kicked in) and he did a beautiful retrieve.  …while he has always loved to retrieve, and has been known to bark on the go out or retrieve in the obedience ring, as soon as I took the bird, he wheeled in place, faced outward and barked at me, the line judge and (I swear!) the gunner in the field. Everyone agreed; he was given a second bird to retrieve.

The two trainers feel that he should be ready in August for his first NAHRA trial and started talking about beginning the work on multiple marks and directed hunting. He is so fun to watch…..

Sun, 27 Jun 2004

…Pete and I went off to Bend, OR this weekend to see what competing in Open B and Utility B might be like. This is one heck of a brag so please forgive…..We qualified in both each day, earning two UDX legs, three OTCH points, and on Sunday High Scoring Terrier and High in Combined. Quite a ride! I’m still somewhat stunned. And this was the good part–his scores and heeling got better with each performance, not worse as before.

Imagine what he could do if he had a really GOOD handler and trainer. I’d say field work has helped his outlook…..People kept coming by and saying: Wow! An Airedale! An intact male Airedale! Wow.

The maternal great-grandsire, Pete’s sire:LuckyBoy_sit

Luckyboy von Abendstern SchH III 64 times), FH II German Import

AKC # RM213151/01

AT-2471E122M  Excellent (at 10.5 years of age)

Lucky, the sire of working offspring in Germany, is a product of many generations of East German working dogs.  This indicates that a very high priority for temperment, health, and soundness was applied in the breeding progams that produced him consistently, over a period of over 30 years.

Physically, Luckyboy is in excellent condition at the age of 11 years.  He last competed in the intensely physical sport of Schutzhund on the weekend of July 4th, 1997 with a score of 280 from a possible score of 300.  He was qualified for the all-breed national working trials to be held in fall, 1997 which complicated his purchase, as he could not go if he came to the USA.

Genetically, Luckyboy offers a rare outcross to American breeders.  He especially possesses great substance, excellent coat color, and soundness-front and rear.   His head excells in the flat planes of the top of the skull with a full semi-circle of backskull,   small dark eye, and correct bite with but one missing pre-molar (P4).  His health and obvious vigor at his advanced age is impressive and a factor in my interest in the line.

The maternal great-granddam, Pete’s dam:

Seneca Jasmine

AKC#RM133842/01 OFA AT-2463G29F Good

Her  full sisters include:

CH Seneca Foxy of Ohuivo CDX, NA, NAJ  (CH title from Bred-By classes (BBE), 3X National Specialty winner of BBE, & Best Junior in Sweeps, performance class winner)

OFA # 2401E25F Excellent, CERF # AT-164/96-21

CH Seneca Brave Chance, Finished from the Bred-by classes with 3 majors

OFA AT-2089 Fair, CERF # AT-139/95-27

U-CD U-CH MACH CH Seneca Darby Life O’ The Party MHV UD AGI AGII PAX2 MXP7 MJP9 RA FDCH, Specialty winner and versatile agility dog, first MACH in breed history OFA AT-2104G30F Good

Seneca airedales_Tempe

CH Seneca Ariana Temperance

Verity’s dam is CH Seneca Ariana Temperance, OFA Good, or Tempe, as we know her.

Tempe’s mom, Claire, is the Maternal Great-Granddam to her puppies being born today. Claire was Jean McCoy’s pride and joy, finishing her CH handily with Allison Sundermann.

CH Seneca Ariana Maximum Clarity

AKC #RN06678602

OFA #AT-3471G24F Good

Claire was later bred for the first and only time to the Maternal Great-Grandsire of the puppies being born today:

ClaireMccoy        Zander

CH Seneca Ariana Maximum Clarity -left

CH Bristol Aires A to Z, CD, RAE, certified: Therapy Dog Intl – right – AKC#RN00083101 Hips rated in 70th percentile with PennHip method- (note: I just found out that Zander (A to Z) is still trucking along at age 13–Good Boy!)

Tempe was born into this beautiful litter of 10 on January 12, 2009

new puppies










Making Breed History–Again!


Saturday, 4-23-16, at the Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club’s UKC HRC Retriever Hunt Test, Seneca Airedales enjoyed awesome SUCCESS!


Dave Morgan’s Pal achieved his UKC HRC STARTED TITLE (junior level equivalent) and our Scarlett achieved her first pass in the UKC HRC SEASONED level (senior level equivalent).  (She) was the first Airedale to get her Started title and Pal is the second.  SCARLETT is the FIRST Airedale to pass a UKC HRC SEASONED level test.

Scarlett is full sister to our Reddi:

Pal is full brother to our CH Jack:

CONGRATULATIONS on the hunt test results and thank you so very much for the stunning views of their work. This is just a sample of the two of them below:


Yearling Airedale Available–Now Placed

I am posting this as a favor to my friend who lives near Springfield, IL:
My name is Jean McCoy,  and I have Maggie, (14 month old female)… My asking price is 1,600.00. My price includes spaying.  I would like to place her in a good pet home.
Maggie is house broken to ring a bell on our door to go out, and did great without the bell in the motel while I was visiting Nancy this past weekend.
I followed a routine, and we had no accidents. Maggie has had some manners training. She likes chew toys and leaves my shoes alone. She sleeps in a crate in our bed room, and I put her in the crate when I leave the house to run errands.
I will be glad to tell you more if you think you might be interested in giving her a good home.
I have added a link to show her parents and the record we made of her birth and puppyhood while she was here:

Please contact Jean if you would like to know more…

Introducing Allie!


Seneca Up Your Alley

Seneca Up Your Alley just celebrated her second birthday! Now that she is older than 24 months, we submitted her x-ray results and the results are in….Allie is fourth generation OFA Excellent!

Just to give you an idea of how rare that is, consider the fact that of all Airedales submitted for evaluation, only 8.7% are given a rating of Excellent (

Keep in mind that many many Airedales are never submitted for evaluation because the ignorant breeders who work with them say that “they can tell by looking at them” that there is no problem. If you would like to see how difficult that is, try looking at these x-rays and see if you can see the problem. This webpage also describes the various ratings:


Seneca Up Your Alley

Now repeat that performance for four generations….Yup, Allie is real special and not just for how she looks from behind!

It’s all in the family too. Her sire is CH Seneca Minnesota Razzle CDX RE AXP AJP.  Razzle is OFA Good and both his parents are OFA Excellent. Her dam is CH Seneca You Will Fancy This. Fancy is OFA Excellent and her parents are OFA Fair and OFA Excellent. If this all sounds a bit familiar, Allie’s older brother is last year’s new Champion; you can visit him here and see more photos of Allie’s family:



Wave Good-bye!

Gold girl (pink scarf) and Teal boy (red scarf), born 10/26/2015, and 14 weeks old, are now heading out to their respective new families.

Our next puppies will be late in spring. Subscribe to see every new post as we have news to announce!

Just for a smile; here they are at play earlier today….

Let The Good Times Roll!

We do have Gold girl and Teal boy, born 10/26/2015 available. They have their first three vaccinations of the puppy series completed. These two are very very busy playing and active….but took a little time out to pose for you just today:

Please do call us if your New Year’s Resolution involves adding an Airedale Terrier to the family in 2016! Contact Nancy at 330-666-2004 or

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