The Puppies of Spring, 2018

The long awaited report of puppies at Seneca Airedales is finally here!


First, expected on Valentine’s Day, but born just one day later on February 15th, we introduce the puppies from Bruno and Verity. Learn more about the parents by clicking on their names…..

The sire of this litter, Seneca Handsome King (OFA AT-5684 Good), is himself sired by a German import with obedience/performance titles and we are very excited about him! His mother is our own Fancy and this is the first time Bruno has been the father of a litter.  You can read more about Fancy and find a video of Bruno as a year old puppy.


Verity preparing the layette.

We prepared a safe secure place well in advance. Verity had a bath and a trim to get ready too.

Seneca Ariana Verity (OFA Excellent) spent her Valentine’s Day preparing a nest for her puppies. We enjoyed providing her with plenty of newspapers for shredding.


Verity welcomes the first puppy

Then, at 5 am on February 15th, we decided to have puppies! She’s so happy to see the first little guy–look closely, he’s there….

5:15 am Male        BLUE          11.1 oz

8:11 am Female   PINK            12.5 oz

10:55 am Female SEAFOAM  11.7 oz

12:05 pm Male     RED               7.5 oz

Poor little Red didn’t survive long even with close supervision. I still grieve for him and what might have been. I set a schedule of checking them all day which makes me so glad that I can work from home. During the night, I was checking them at 12 Midnight, 2 am, 4 am, and 7 am. Sleep was a bit of a luxury that I could go short on for their sake.



Seneca Ariana Merci….waiting….

Next, waiting for the big day….then born with just a little excitement as we ran to the well known Animal Clinic Northview, where we had a C-section performed. We introduce the puppies from Euro and Merci. Learn more about the parents by clicking on their names or links…..

The sire of this litter, UCD, URO1 Dollar von Erikson PCD, CD, TD, VCD1, NJP, NAP, NFP, JH, SHF, JHR, BH, AD, IPO2, RATO, RL2 , is a German import with obedience/performance titles and OFA AT-5512 Good. He and his owner/trainer Linda Sorak of IL, are perhaps just a bit in the way of overachievers! More training titles are on the way since you just can’t keep a good dog on the couch!


If you’d like to do more research, here are some videos of Euro: First in his IPO and IPO Revieren practice, then in AKC Obedience Novice class.

Arriving on the due date, February 20, the puppies follow, in no particular order due to the C-section:


One day old-2/20/2018 EuroxMerci

7:45 am  female  PINK    13.0 oz

female  GOLD  12.6 oz

male      BLUE   13.1 oz

male      RED     11.9 oz

female   SKY     13.5 oz


Three days old-2/20/2018 EuroxMerci

We are feeding some solid foods and they are all growing fabulously well. We will be updating. Plans for the Puppy Aptitudes and physical evaluations/photos are scheduled for April 13th.







Closing out 2017–For The Record

These puppies are fully placed but I wanted to put up the photos for the record.  Born on July 27, 2017 from CH Seneca The New Jack ex Seneca Ready to Appeal. “Reddi” had turned six years old on May 1st, just before conception of this litter. I retire my dogs in their sixth year from breeding, so we knew this would be her last litter.

We came up on the Three Week Birthday and had so much fun with the new foods and wading through the feeding pan that the next big event was the first bath and dry:


Then they did SO well and got SO big, we did the second bath at 7 weeks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, here are the photos of our individual puppies, born July 27th, from the parents:


Here are the three boys:  Blue, Purple, and Gold

Now for the girls: Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, Teal, Orange

When puppies get older, we just love to see how they are doing! Here’s little Orange girl going shopping for her very own stuff! Also Little Blue boy getting ready for his flight to California!

Seneca Airedales are located at 1814 North Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333. For more information, please direct your inquiries to our email: or by phone: 330-666-2004. Our next puppies will be born in Spring, 2018.

Wrapping Up A Successful First Week

Here we are at the end of the first week. Starting tomorrow at 6 am each puppy will be a full seven days old. This first week has been about growth and weight gain. There are some size differences in the litter, so I referee (day and night) to be sure that no one is crowded out. There’s plenty of milk for all if they would just line up neatly!

Tempe is the greatest mom, putting up with all my rearranging of puppies and very attentive to them.

Still no personality differences–each puppy spends their time eating and sleeping. Still with eyes and ears sealed, blind and deaf, they seek their mother if they feel her nearby. Next week that will all change!

I have not posted because I am soooooo tired! I’ve not had a full night’s sleep for a few days now and my business is at peak during the holidays so I’m really feeling it now. Big day yesterday, lots of work, and a big weekend–still loving the Sunday stillness.

The puppies are looking very chubby in the tummy. All six are strong and growing well. I’d like to write more, but my day runs like this: puppies, work, puppies, work, puppies, sleep, puppies, sleep, puppies, work….. You get the idea. Yep, still checking in on them at 10 pm, 1 am, and 4 am at night. Sometimes more often if I am awake anyway…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Six o’ one, half a dozen o’ the other

I’ll have a half dozen Airedales, please…..

Labor started at 4 am May 19 (ask me how I know) and the first of the puppies arrived at 6 am–each one is a small miracle. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6:00 am       Male      BLUE ribbon             7.5 oz

6:14 am        Male      GREEN ribbon         7.75

7:00 am       Female PINK ribbon            9.50

9:00 am        Female YELLOW ribbon    9.25

9:44 am        Male       LT BLUE ribbon    6.25

10:55 am     Female  CORAL ribbon       9.50
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMother and litter are all doing splendidly. I, on the other hand, had a full day of work including three dogs to groom, phone calls, new customer tour, trip to the bank and the vet, and a plumber repair appointment.

Add mileage on my feet to hang with Tempe and pups as much as possible in the back of the house and….I’m feeling a little ragged around the edges. G’night…..


Breakthrough discovery in relaxation technique….

Yes, if you have been stressed or find it difficult to relax, the new breakthrough discovery in relaxation technique is to watch puppies sleep:


They are sprawled on a soft cushy fleecy pad sold by Purple Pebble:

Nutritionally, the ten are eating 95% independently from Fancy on their OHIO formulated and made dog food. Here you can see why:

Don’t worry–every puppy will go home with a small bag free (larger bags available for sale) and an alternate choice of foods if you live too far away to have access to Best Breed foods.

I promise the next photo posted will be an action shot!

Puppies Arrive!

By 4 p.m. I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait until dark. Preparations had been made and now I went through everything again: Hand towels laid out, scale with fresh batteries, ribbons, paper and pen for recording, assorted supplies. I didn’t have much time between puppies as they were arriving, and being weighed, examined, and recorded for the next two hours.

4:45 Pink (f) weighed in at 9.75 oz

4:50 Blue (m) weighed in at 12.25 oz

5:45 Yellow (f) weighed in at 9.25 oz

5:55 Orange (m) weighed in at 12.00 oz

6:00 Green (m) weighed in at 9.00 oz

7:25 Red (f) weighed in at 12.00 oz

Whew! Fancy and I both took a short break here. She needed to go outside, briefly in the very cold weather. I was vigilant on the chance that she could abruptly go in to labor in the snow and produce a puppy in immediate danger of freezing to death. Yes, this could happen! We returned safely indoors. I was able to take care of the OTHER pets in my care, getting all fed quickly and well exercised. Then….

7:45 Gold (f) weighed in at 10.50 oz

Another break while I realized I was getting tired. She had not eaten all Tuesday which is normal as their body prepares for the effort of parturition. That previous night, Fancy had been restless, scratching up her bedding and generally unsettled. I was up frequently checking on her Tuesday night. I sleep within 10 steps of the nursery, so I hear everything. Due to my long years of experience, I knew that it wasn’t *quite* time yet that night. Still, I didn’t sleep soundly, nor for any great length of time when I did doze off, so it was catching up to me by Wednesday night. I was yawning but then….

9:40 Purple (f) weighed in at 12.50 oz

Knowing that she was not yet done, I waited…..and waited…..<yawn>and waited….now it’s Thursday…. 

1:15 am Sky Blue (f) weighed in at 10.50 oz

Yeah! Nine is great. I went to bed and, of course, frequently arose to re-position nursing puppies and check on them. Yes, I admit to being a micro-manager. I remember checking at 2:30 and 4 and then, with my husband Paul getting up for work, at 6. I wanted to get in just another 30 minutes…..


6: 30 Silver (m) weighed in at 12.25 oz and appeared magically as though to say “Ta-da”!

OK, I guess it’s 10! If you’ve been keeping score, we are micro-managing 4 boys – 6 girls.

That day, I logged a lot of miles as I work from home at the front and frequently ran to the back to check on Fancy and her babies. We are doing very well. But I’m so-o-o-o-o-o tired. Gotta go now–I hear them squeaking.

Day 8 – Keeping Warm and Toasty

Train coming through! When puppies are doing well, there isn’t much to do. They sleep and grow, coming through like a train and you better get off the tracks! Right now they live in a little world of their own, where it is warm and dark and pretty quiet. Remember–the eyes and ears are still sealed shut.

Occasionally Dora leaves them to go eat her puppy food which she needs for the extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. Or she needs to go outside for a quick break and more water. Then she is attentively back, always lying with them to be sure they are getting all they need. Dora is a wonderful momma dog.

Years and years ago I had a dog that wasn’t like this. She would produce some colostrum for the first day or so and then her milk would dry up and vanish. The first litter I didn’t understand why they nursed all the time but still kept losing weight. Finally, before they became too starved, I figured out what was going on and had to supplement with puppy milk replacer until they were two weeks old and could start lapping at the dish. If I hadn’t the entire litter would have died.

Did you know the lapping reflex is NOT developed until about the 12 th day of age. Because of these experiences, I know this! Yep, every 4 hours, day and night, for about 12-14 days I did the feedings while she cuddled with them but didn’t have any milk. They turned out to be fine nice Airedales.

Stupid me, I had to go and breed one more litter from her and then found out that it was the same deal the next time too!  Lesson learned.

Day 4 – Musing on Miracles

Today, Dora gets a much needed bath. Our Pieces of Eight are all doing well. I’m continuing to look in on them two or three times a night. I feel like a Border Collie as I round them up into a tidy group. This makes sure that no one misses a feeding and falls behind in weight gain. The big news is that Dora’s milk has come in. You might ask, what have the puppies been living on for the last three days? Answer:  Colostrum or “first milk.”

Colostrum is one of nature’s true miracle. It isn’t like regular milk, being higher in protein, thick, stickier, and much more work for the puppies to get from mom; I think it might be comparable to trying to use a straw with a very thick cold milkshake but the puppies don’t have the option of using a spoon!

Why a miracle? Well, the some of the protein consists of complete antibodies to diseases to which Dora is immune. These are in the form of long complex chains of protein. Dora will only produce them for the first 48 to 72 hours, then it becomes just normal nutritional milk. The puppies’ immune systems are very undeveloped and if they were attacked by a disease they would probably just die.

Here is the miracle: These large chains of proteins are much too large to pass though the walls of the digestive tract. BUT, just for a short time, say, 48-72 hours after birth, the puppies have large “pores” or openings in their digestive tracts that will allow these chain to enter whole and entire to protect them from any disease from which Dora is immune. It’s like a semi-truck parking where a Volkswagen would normally fit. If they do not get any colostrum, they probably would get sick. If you give a puppy colostrum when it’s too late, say, 4-5 days old, they won’t be able to absorb it.

So now the puppies have an easier time of nursing and get full tummies more quickly. They are protected by the passive (acquired) immunity until 8 or 10 weeks old. They can sleep more and they grow when they sleep! You can almost see them growing. What’s in that milk now? Almost 10% fat, 7.5% protein, almost 4% lactose.  Everything a baby canine needs to grow big and strong. Think about that as you drink your fat free milk!

Day 3 and Nicky’s Introduction

Up again at 1:00 am to do my equal rights feeding supervision. Everyone looks good. Dora just rolls her eyes at me as though to ask what I am doing at this ridiculous hour of the morning. Checked again at 5 am, then up for the day at 6:20. Lots of folks checking in for Thanksgiving today and I’ve got to be ready!

While I am working, I will leave you with the introduction to Nicky, father of our Treasure, our Pieces of Eight. What can I say–I’ve watched too much Pirates of the Carribean.

American and Canadian CH Ikarus Vom Garnsee, German Import, Owner Handled Group winner

“Nicky” is a German import whose father, Int CH No
Doubt of Malton finished in 12 countries and was the 2008 World Show winner.

In Fall, 2009 I traveled to Germany to the von Garnsee kennel, where my signature dog of the 1980’s stayed for a year, CH Stony UD. I had been corresponding with them for months about their new litter. After 10 days, 4 airports, and 6 train stations, we made it there and back again. I’ll never forget my navigation of the train stations with Nicky, his crate, and three pieces of luggage!

Int CH Ikarus von Garnsee entered Canada for the first time in April, 2010 earning the first half of the Canadian Championship in one weekend and a Terrier Group First! He finished his American Championship handled by Allison Sunderman in Fall, 2010.

His first puppies will be two years old in Fall, 2012 and they are doing very well at many different endeavors, including Champions of the Heart. We feel very fortunate to have Nicky here with us!

Day Two and Dora’s Introduction

Day Two:

1:00 am – Set my alarm and checked on the little guys. Sometimes they get around the back side of Dora as she lays and there’s NO FOOD on that side. Sometimes one or two are peacefully sleeping and unaware that everybody else in at the milk bar.  So I Feng Shui the puppies around.

5:00 am – I checked them again; all’s well.

6:45 am – Up for the day! Fresh change of papers, feeding and exercise of everybody and now we are ready to help our customers up front with an Airedale, a Cairn Terrier, and a Springer Spaniel to groom,  two Labs to wash. We are also expecting 11 dogs to come in for Thanksgiving weekend and a cat.

While I am working, here a little bit about our momma dog, Dora:

Dora v. Buckower Polsterhof, OFA Excellent, AKC and KFT Registered

Dora arrived in the US in the early fall of 2007. Paul and I drove up to Detroit on the happy day we could meet the airplane in from Germany to pick her up. I know the owner, Hiltrud Brandt, of Dora’s father,  VDH/KFT/L CH, CH Jgd KFT Othello von der Laubenhaid, KFT 01/33657   HDF-A1, BH/VT, AD, FH I, VPG III, IPO III.

While traveling in Germany for other doggie reasons, I had met and watched some of his ancestors in the training clubs and been most impressed with their work and their breeder, Hiltrud. When Hiltrud let me know of the chance to acquire Dora, I moved quickly! I continue to be pleased and to appreciate the quality that her lineage brings to our Airedales here.

Here is a link for Dora’s father and the newborn puppies’ grandfather:

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