Day 6 – It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Super Puppy!

Today the puppies are getting new ribbons because they have grown so much! Some were getting a little too snug. As usual, they already had a fresh change of papers. Dora is eating well and is a very attentive and loving mother. I looked all over the house today and I cannot find the camera—-argh! I know you want a new photo of them and I promise to get that up tomorrow, just as soon as I find the blinkety-blank camera!

Meanwhile, you might like to know that the puppies are already doing exercises to be smarter and healthier. The military developed a program for newborns based on brain development research in canines. Check out this link for the essentials:

If followed during the first 10 days, puppies can have the benefit of better cardiovascular performance, better adrenal gland response (source of adrenaline), better response to stress, and more resistance to disease. All I have to do is to handle each puppy individually in different positions and to provide a “cold” temperature for a few seconds each day. This can only be done from the third day until the sixteenth day, after which this particular window of opportunity for brain development closes.

Tomorrow, new photos–Promise!


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