AKC and Me: We could use some help!

Here’s a link to a worthy petition at the AKC. I signed, would you?

Dira and Dora right after arrival from Germany, straight from the Detroit Int Airport


Responsible breeders pay careful attention to health, breed standards, and temperament when breeding their dogs, they socialize their puppies and give them lots of fun stimulation, and have national reputations as producers of top-quality puppies. Because of this, they often ship puppies across the country to new owners who have bought their dogs specifically because they want a puppy from this particular breeder. They want a dog that is guaranteed to be healthy, from genetically sound parents, and with a proper puppy upbringing. These are often people who want to compete in the show ring, in obedience, rally, and agility, or who want a dog to train in search and rescue or hunting. They also want a good pet who can live with them, other people and other dogs and be a great companion.

Under the USDA proposed regulations, these responsible breeders would no longer be able to provide dogs to anyone who can’t personally show up to pick up the dog. The breeder’s reputation will no longer be enough to allow them to ship dogs to new owners. Please help the AKC convince the USDA that these regulations are not needed and create an undue hardship for these excellent breeders. These folks are NOT puppy mills and don’t deserve to be treated as such.



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