Graduation and Four Weeks Old

The APU (Airedale Puppies United) is now playing on a bigger field! I put down a great dish of food then ran to get the camera. I came back with it right away but the food had disappeared!

Seneca Airedales Puppies

Here’s the new soccer field where APU is playing!

Coming soon to make a mess on *your* floor! Well, it’s not too bad when they get a little older ;-)

Reservations suggested: Call 330-666-2004



Three Weeks Old…Score! (Will Play For Food, That Is….!)

Our APU team, that’s Airedale Puppies United to everyone who has been watching their new season, have started in on REAL food! They highly approve of this new development, along with eyes and ears now in full use, as well as vocal cords! Yes, we hear yips, growls, and every little noise they can make as they learn to speak “dog.”

Seneca Airedales

Seneca Airedales born Oct 26, 2015

The cuteness rating has gone through the roof this week! What could be cuter than two puppies that might weigh 2 pounds each tussling with each other? Play has been added the the previous favorites of eating and sleeping. Of course, they have a tendency to decide that Mom should visit them at about 2 am each night and sing a chorus of discontent until she does. You know, these guys are right next to the bedroom, so we know all their moves!

Week Three is also important as they have had the first mild preventative worming medication too. We like to set them up for a great first season!

Why is it so important to start food now at 21 days old? Well, consider this: Reddi weighs about 45 pounds and only needs about 3 cups of food per day to take care of her own needs. The puppies weigh about 2.5 pounds each and are rapidly gaining. So times the number of puppies gives us more than 20 pounds of puppies, almost half of Reddi’s body weight to support just through milk?!? That’s a lot of milk!  Reddi has been eating about 8 cups of densely nutritious foods every day plus drinking more than a gallon of water. The puppies demand just a little more each and every day then they did the day before. So–yes, we’re helping. Reddi sees them a lot and is very very happy to clean up any puppy food they miss! Then she cleans every puppy too!

Seneca Airedales

So Much Easier to Lick the Food Off Somebody’s Ear….

Reservations are still being accepted by Nancy 330-666-2004

Two Weeks Old….all members of the APU (Airedale Puppies United)

Well, doesn’t eight make a team in soccer? I could be wrong about the sports but they do EVERYTHING together.

Born October 26, 2015

Born October 26, 2015

Reddi, the mother is devoted and attentive to them and produces sufficient milk to keep them all happy so far. Very soon they will be so big that Reddi will need some help beyond the high quality Best Breed diet that I have been just about shoveling in to her to keep up with the physical demands that all this mothering requires.


Reservations suggested! Call Nancy at 330-666-2004

In just a few more days, their eyes will open on this big new world.

I think puppies are born optimists and it’s up to us not to disappoint them!

Seneca Airedales

Bear x Reddi puppies
2 weeks old

Week One and Puppies Show Big Bellies!


One Week Old!

Yes, they are bigger now! We have already passed the critical conversion from colostrum to true milk. See here for more information about that. All they do is eat and sleep….and grow of course! Here are the latest photos:

And then a group shot of just the puppies themselves:


Closeups of Yellow, Purple, Pink, and Blue


Wonder where the phrase “Pile of Puppies” came from?

New Puppies born 10/26/2015! Reservations suggested!

The puppies came MONDAY! I really expected them to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday and had my schedule cleared for them then. But Reddi did warn me first with skipping her breakfast on Sunday. As I wasn’t expecting them quite so soon, I mixed a can of grainfree food with her dry and she did eat a big meal Sunday afternoon. Then, Reddi warned me again with a bark at 2:30 am. Knowing it can be hard to wait until morning to go to the bathroom for my little pumpkin shaped mama, I got up and let her outside. When I let her back in I had my suspicions and felt her ear. She was mildly trembling which means, based on years of experience, that her temp was dropping. I knew then that the next 24 hours would be busy.

Puppies born Monday, October 26, 2015

New Puppies born 10/26/2015!

I love the way Pink sprawls out over as many as possible but they all take turns doing that!

There are 9; I haven’t gone back through and verified the sexes a second time but I think there are 4 males/5 females all decisively delivered by Reddi with strong fast contractions between 9:40 am and 1:40 pm. Only 4 hours–I think it’s a new speed whelping record here. The weights are between 10.0 oz and just under 9, so all are close in size. They are strong and nursing efficiently. NICE, no complications and a healthy litter and mom–I’m so happy!


Seneca Airedales newborns

I was just “done in” by the end of Monday, because we were also open for business with Easdale: the best pet care. With the help of a great employee/helper, Shania, we checked out 9 dogs, hiked 9 trail walks, groomed a Great Pyrenees (5 hours- way to go Shania), an Airedale, and a thick coated Great Dane mix, took about 15 phone calls, and handled assorted misc tasks to keep everyone well cared for. After the last puppy, I had to do my part here at work by grooming the Airedale that Shania had bathed and dried, and bath/deshed the thick coated Great Dane mix who won’t let anyone do him other than me….and hence, the tired feeling!

I did catch a little sleep from 9 pm until 2 am, check the pups, 2:45 am check the pups, 5:00 am check the pups….well, I started Tuesday early, let’s just say!

Now allow me to introduce the daddy of the litter:


CH Darbywood’s Baraboo of Singing Hills, RN2544602, PennHip 50th percentile

“Bear” as they call him, lives in North Carolina but he’s staying here in Ohio to be shown….and show he does! Earlier this month, Bear won BOS at the national specialty weekend of the Airedale Terrier Club of America in Montgomery, PA with over 100 Airedales entered. I’m proud to have spotted the potential of this young dog back in August!

His sire is well known:


CH. Tierra De Churubusco y Chubasco

AKC RN17070404
OFA Hips Good (AT-4909G24M-VPI)
Penn Hip 80th Percentile

and Bear’s dam:


CH Darbywood’s Eye of the Storm

AKC RN17659801

Hips OFA Good (AT-4964G27F-NOPI)

Retirement for Fancy

Seneca Airedales

Fancy in her Best Dressed category!

We are preparing to retire Fancy, one of our champions who has just turned six years young on June 18, 2015. Fancy is very well mannered, affectionate and shows almost no aggression to other dogs (if one picks on her she does stand up for herself but she would never start anything and wants to be friends). She walks beautifully on a leash without pulling and just wants to be with people 24/7 if she can. She can also stay by herself for periods of time calmly without separation anxiety. Her price is $700 plus interview(s) to be sure that she will continue her good life.

Reason for letting go? I am a breeder of 10 generations of Airedales and as such, have chosen to keep her son, daughter, 2 granddaughters and a niece. I have learned over the years that 5 is about my limit for quality time and attention to each.
Seneca Airedales puppies

Fancy as a mom

She is not yet spayed. Her DHLLP vaccination is good for one year (10/20/2015) and her Rabies is good for three years (1/7/2018). Fancy is freshly groomed and welcomes visitors. Just call for a time to see her!

Everybody’s Invited for Halloween! Costumes optional….

It’s a Girl! Puppy available, born July, 2015–Happily Placed Oct 18th, 2015


Sky in the autumn leaves

Just a quick note to let you all know that we have a little girl available, with Jack as the daddy.


Sky waiting on a bench for somebody to sit with her!

Here are photos of her taken just a day ago.

Please contact me if you see something in Sky’s eyes that speaks to you…. She is really special.

Happily placed in Ohio in October, 2015. Congratulations to the Bates Family!

Sky who really does say

Sky who really does say “Fall is my favorite!”

Travels and Triumphs!

Alaska, New York, Kansas, Ohio and Michigan….these babies have traveled everywhere!

Seneca Airedales 8 week old puppies May 2015

Seneca Airedales 8 week old puppies

Here is the last photo of everybody together between the 7th and 8th week. The puppies really enjoyed the eventual (!) arrival of warm weather so they could be in the grass and play part of the day outside.

We have had several last minutes changes in plans so that it does turn out that the larger boy of the litter (WHITE ribbon) is now wondering where everybody went!?!

White Ribbon Boy born 3/24/2015

White Ribbon Boy born 3/24/2015

He’s been ever so good about being quiet at night but I expect that tonight I will hear a little bit from him as his last brother departed for KS….

White Ribbon Boy born 3/24/2015

White Ribbon Boy born 3/24/2015

Here he looks about to see if there’s a car coming in the driveway for him!

If you would like to know more about him, contact me in the comments selection below….

Ready For The 4th Week Birthday!

Here’s our babies born on March 24th!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Soon, on Tuesday, April 21, our lucky seven will celebrate their 4th week. We have started with the first real food meals. We use a weaning formula and Best Breed Puppy Food that is soaked to be soft enough for them to eat. They just this week have brand new teeth that they are practicing using on everything they can reach ;-)

It’s a little hard to get an idea of what they look like from above. So, we did some model photography with these glamour shots below…..





and then the girls…..


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