Excuses, Excuses…..

*Where* have I BEEN?


OK, it’s spring break time here in NE Ohio, meaning that I (and some staff) are grooming 3-4 a day, bathing and caring for 40 dogs, 3 cats, 10 puppies, and 5 grown Airedales….if you can ever call an Airedale grown in the sense of responsible, mature conduct! Plus I’m getting Nicky and young Jack in show coat requiring weekly hand strip sessions to be ready for some April/May shows.

Add to that, the puppies require ever escalating amounts of liberally applied newspaper, attention, refereeing, vetting, feeding, cleaning….and the list goes on. One of my goals is to provide them with a totally new toy or experience each day for the last 10 days. The most recent examples include:

Braided rope toy 4 inches thick and 10 inches long

bowl of ice cubes

fresh wool mat


8″ dog rubber dog tire toy with rope

fresh card board box with wooden reinforcement (necessary or they would flatten it!)

and a broom…



Breakthrough discovery in relaxation technique….

Yes, if you have been stressed or find it difficult to relax, the new breakthrough discovery in relaxation technique is to watch puppies sleep:


They are sprawled on a soft cushy fleecy pad sold by Purple Pebble:


Nutritionally, the ten are eating 95% independently from Fancy on their OHIO formulated and made dog food. Here you can see why:


Don’t worry–every puppy will go home with a small bag free (larger bags available for sale) and an alternate choice of foods if you live too far away to have access to Best Breed foods.

I promise the next photo posted will be an action shot!

Graduation! Out of the box and into….

The great beyond, well, the floor anyway, with lots more space! ¬†Exploration is the new hobby…in addition to playing, sleeping, and eating!



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